Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Innocent Fun, 2012

Givar, winter, 2012
Carmela is 52, Serendipity is 16 

Winter brought a lot of snow to Apple Valley

and lots of days spent indoors.

The gallery was going well, though it was still a costly endeavour. Carmela was thankful for her manager, Alphonso, and how he ran the business when she was away, but she needed to think of ways to bring in more cash flow.

The winter also brought holidays and Carmela and Serendipity celebrated a quiet Christmas at home.

Verde and his family had returned to Lainey's birthplace to attend her grandmother's funeral. Rojo was traveling with the SiMusic studio to the Winter JamFest to monitor the sound and stage effects. Even Blancita was away on a cruise with her new boyfriend.

The girls didn't mind and after a light breakfast, they exchanged gifts. New earrings for Serendipity and some slippers for Carmela.

Carmela also treated herself to a membership to the gym, she always struggled with her weight and she wanted to lose some extra pounds.

She also wanted to lose some wrinkles and wished that there was a spa nearby that she could go to for some facials, or maybe it was time to consult a plastic surgeon about her skin.

Especially now that she was slowly reentering, or entering, the dating field. She had never actually dated in her life, having been abused so early on and then forced into her marriage. It was scary and she had no idea what she was doing.

At least she knew how Serendipity felt as the young teen was finally allowed to date this simyear. Though her daughter approached dating with a more laid back attitude.

She didn't have to wonder about long-term compatiability

or if she were too old to be dating

or even if she would get married again.

She could just enjoy her dates and have innocent fun.


  1. I'm glad Serendipity is able to have the fun teenage years Carmela never got to have. Hopefully Carmela's own dips into the dating pool are successful too. It must be so hard for her though. :(

    1. Carmela is very much confused about the whole dating aspect, so she's taking it very slowly. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I hope Carmela dating turns out succesfull, and that she finds love again!
    It's kind of nice that she's dating when her daughter is as well, but it's sad at the same time.

    It good to see that Serendipity is having fun with the dating, she's 16, she's supposed to have fun :)

    1. Thankfully Serendipity is having a blast, almost too much of a blast as she is beginning to display some romance tendencies. Thanks for commenting and reading!

  3. I can see how it'd be easier dating for Serendipity, even if she struggles with nerves, it's the same newness for her peers. Carmela is dating in a pool with limited selection and more baggage. Hope she's able to find someone to spend her evenings with by next winter.

    1. Wow, you've given Carmela quite a deadline, we will have to see. So far no luck though. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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