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Hallowed Halls, 2012

Resar, fall, 2012
Tyisha Masters is a senior, Si'Enya Warwick is a junior (Elphy Mendenhall is a sophmore, Ericcson Frankson is a senior)

Tyisha was working hard this year. It was her senior year and she needed to get her sketches finished for her senior design show that spring. Not only was she responsible for the designs, but every aspect of the show. She needed to book models, arrange fittings and even pick background music. Thankfully she had a team of junior students that she could delegate tasks to.

However she still was working a lot of late nights tweaking patterns and adding details to garments. Most days she was lucky that she didn't find herself face first in a pile of pancakes,

other days she had to wipe syrup off her eyebrows and hope that the other students didn't notice.

Si'Enya was thankful that Trevor was in town again. She managed to spend some time with him at the studio.

Jimmie Page was back in town as well and they were recording two songs.

One a duet destined for Jimmie's album and the second was destined for Aerial Bionic's third album.

Si'Enya sometimes had to remind herself that she was dating a rock star and that thousands of women across simnation were in lust with her boyfriend, that it was posters of him that hung in bedrooms and that it was his voice that caused women to toss their undies on stage and hide in dressing rooms.

The real Trevor was much different than the one on stage. The real Trevor loved to climb in the dirt looking for strange rocks and bugs and laying in the grass looking at clouds. She still couldn't believe that they were together and that he wanted to be with her.

Watching her friend pledge her life to her new husband made Si'Enya wonder if she could ever do that. She honestly thought that she didn't have what it takes to make marriage work.

She wasn't the best communicator, which apparently was important in marriage and she wasn't the best at arguments.

She wasn't like Rosemarie and Henry,

she was sure that Rosemarie never felt insecure about becoming a wife,

she doubted that Henry had thoughts that he wouldn't be an adequate husband.

Instead, they seemed so in love,

so perfect together.

We will see Tyisha's fashion show this spring, the poor girl has been working around the clock. I felt so bad for her falling asleep in her food-not a good look for a diva like Tyisha.

Congratulations Henry and Rosemarie Mendenhall. They are non-playables and primary school teachers at my academy. 

After their honeymoon-in which they promptly tried for a baby

they moved into a beautifully tacky apartment that I built, doesn't it make you want to gag?

Their wedding cake is from my Season's Wedding Cake Collection.


  1. Congratulations to Henry and Rosemarie! (That apartment certainly is tacky though...)

    So Si'Enya is having doubts about whether she could make the same commitment... after all she's gone through in her relationship with Trevor, I'm not sure whether I'm surprised to hear that or not. :)

    Tyisha must really have been working hard. Pancake naps are never a good thing. I look forward to seeing how the show turns out.

    - VT

    1. Tyisha did not appreciate me letting her fall asleep in the pancakes, but she was starving. Just to show you how hard she was working, the breakfast pancakes were her dinner before crashing in her bed after a long night of sewing. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. LOL at the tacky apartment! That's exactly what they look like in real life, too. I wonder why most apartments look like they're stuck in the '60s and '70s? We got lucky, ours just looks like a really bland hotel room.

    I can't even imagine what it's like to date a rock star! I couldn't do it. I'm too possessive. I feel for, Si'Enya, though. I never wanted to get married and here I am, married. It's annoying sometimes, but it's worth the hassle (most days ;)) Maybe Si'Enya will realize that marriage isn't cookie-cutter like everyone makes you believe. It doesn't have to be some ridiculous fairytale or tele-novella!

    1. LOL! I tried not to make this apartment look fabulous or modern, thinking that there needs to be a few more older, but not grungy, apartments in my hood. So the 1970s won! Maybe Si'Enya needs to chat with you about marriage. I'm not sure why she's so scared of it either, more than likely it's her own insecurities about having a successful marriage like her parents. Thanks for commenting and reading.

  3. I'm surprised Si'Enya feels that way about marriage. Maybe she's not a good communicator or good with arguments but she seems like she has a very kind nature and wants the best for the people she loves. That's important in a relationship as well.

    Rosemarie and Henry's apartment looks very 70s! They'll appreciate the beautiful home I'm sure they'll have one day even more after this current place. :)

    1. O, Carla, you're already dreaming about them moving out-LOL! Since they're non-playables, we'll see if they get a house eventually, but with all the trying for baby that they're doing, they might need a new place sooner than later. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Terrible apartment, lol. Most of the apartments here are extremely bland with off white walls and tan carpet. It must be hard to date a rock star, it would be hard for me to separate them playing to the crowd (read: women) and actual flirting lol. But I think that Si'Enya will realize that marriage is whatever you make it to be and she can have whatever is most comfortable to her with Trevor.

    1. I did a lot of research to get the perfect 70s era look for this apartment. I couldn't date a rock star either, I mean how could one seperate those things like you said and then wondering if there are groupies on tour. Thanks fore commenting and reading.

  5. Heh, I love the terrible apartment. :) And dating a rock star does sounds rough but hopefully things work out anyway.

    1. I'm glad you like the apartment, I kind of love the old vintage retro look as well for them. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  6. I would be apprehensive to marry a rockstar, but I think S'Enya would be okay in marriage. I was surprised she had these misgivings. Henry and Rosemarie are a cute couple, i like the retro look, one of my favorite styles.

    1. Si'Enya isn't very confident in her relationship skills, but hopefully Trevor will help her realize that it's ok. Thanks for reading and commenting


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