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The SPAT and Colleges

I use SPAT scores to determine acceptance into Pierce University. The SPAT was developed by Laurel Crossing as a test to measure achievement for students applying to colleges and universities. SPATs are comprised of three sections: CSE (core skill evaluation), CIE (core interest evaluation) and CHE (core hobby evaluation). The CSE, CHE and CIE were discussed previously here.

While complying the SPAT scores for my high school seniors as they prepare to enter the great world of higher education I realized that I couldn't just do a simple addition of each subset. The CSE ranges from 0-70, the CIE ranges from 0-180 and the CHE ranges from 0-100, meaning a simple addition could have SPAT scores in the hundreds. Which wouldn't be a problem except most of the FSBS hoods and their universities had minimum SPAT scores in the 15-30's. I couldn't send my simmies there with SPAT scores in the 100s, yet I couldn't ask so many hoods-including mine-to change their entrance requirements.

Behind the SPATs
I determined that I would need to do a weighted sum of the CSE, CHE and CIE, so my formula is:


+ 1% CIE

+ 20% CHE

+ 2 points for every maxed skill (CSE=10)

+ 3 points for private school (which is honors classes in my hood))

(round up to the nearest whole number) SPAT Score

This would give a theoretical max score of 109 (70+1.8+20+14+3). Considering the SPAT is for college bound seniors and not full age adults or elders, I envision the real max score would be closer to 50-60 and the average score closer to 19

Why that formula?

I decided that the CSE is the most important part of the SPAT since most of the FSBS hoods had minimum requirements for CSEs.

I determined that the CIE is roughly the same for each sim, bewteen 90-110 total points. Especially since the more you learn in one interest, it takes points from another interest. So 1% would mean most simmies would get 0.9-1.1 points. This is just for the SPAT, as particular interest scores could matter for other tests. For example, my medical school requires the SMAT. The SMATs are a specialized test for prospective medical students comprised of three sections: Physical Sciences (Fitness CHE), Health Sciences (Health CIE), and Biological Sciences (Science CHE).

The CHE would have a larger percentage added as these points are earned by the simmie, as opposed to the CIE in which most simmies have the points allocated from birth. I didn't think these would be as important as the CSEs, but still count towards the SPAT score.

Finally, I wanted to honor those simmies that put in the hard work to max out a skill, since it gets progressively harder to earn skill points the higher you go. So each maxed skill gets an extra 2 points.

For my simmies, private school, means honors classes which are harder than the average classes, so I wanted to honor that distinction as well.

SPAT In Action
To see the differences, let's look at two college bound seniors, a young pre-teen genius and an adult certified genius.

The Medical Bound Senior
Naraj  Shazad dreams of medical school in his future and he has studied hard to his SPATs and for school. He earned the following scores: CSE=35; CIE=93, CHE=16. He was also a member of the honors classes. As a result, his SPAT is 42. This aligns with Pierce University in Apple Valley and Meade College in Laurel Crossing which are more selective schools, part of the Académie Society (credit to Laurel Crossing) and have minimum SPAT requirements of 20-30. This makes sense for me as I envision Naraj as a student who wouldn't have any issues getting accepted to the university of his choice within the Académie Society.

The State School Bound Scholar
Annie Grey loves history and might want to be an archaeologist, or a historical expert. She doesn't desire to go to any of the pretentious Académie Society schools and instead dreams of large state schools with exciting events and generous scholarships. She doesn't study too hard for school, but she keeps her grades up. She earned CSE=19; CIE=98;CHE=11, as a result her SPAT score is 22. This is in line with some of the requirements for FSBS universities based on "state schools".

Pre-teen Genius
Veronika Kent isn't nearly old enough for university, but her principal thinks she should consider early admission. No wonder, her subscores are CSE=38; CIE=93 and CHE=17. She is taking honors classes and she has maxed out her creativity CSE. Her SPAT score is 47 and she's not done learning!

Certified Genius
To measure the SPATs against a certified genius, I looked at Ray Wilsonoff. He's a member of FENSA which means he has maxed all his skills. So his CSE=70; CIE=97; CHE=18. His SPAT score would have been an 89 if he took the test, but he's an adult now and not looking to return to school. Besides, he knows it all...right? :P


  1. I never would have picked Ray for a genius, lol! He doesn't come across as dumb or anything but a certified genius is not something I would have guessed for him. Very impressive!

    Anyway, this is really interesting. I'm going to have to take a closer look at it later, because I'm no longer so keen on my method of getting kids into college. Do any of these scores have any effect on the tuition they pay once they're in, or is this just about whether they get in or not?

    1. It's more of if they get into a school or not, if you give me a few days I could probably think of a method for your kiddos. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. This is really interesting, but once we start with the adding and tossing around the Math, I am lost. I'm a blonde when it comes to all of this. LOL

    1. Lol, it is complicated and I have an excel calculator that does all the work for me. I'm still tweaking it as I'm not too apply with it, sometimes the scores are too high, but I wanted to see what other simmers thought and then make tweaks then, thanks for reading and commenting,

  3. Very interesting, AV - almost makes me wish my Nuidya had a system of formal education! :) Your BTS posts always interest me, even if I'm not playing a "standard" hood.

    I may have to devise a few tables and things of my own, I love reading about the little extras Simmers add to their games and now my hood is working again I think I might add some... now if only I could decide what they'd be for... and maybe learn some excel-fu so I don't have to remember where I keep each notebook... :)

    Well done to you and Laurel Crossing for your work on this system.

    - VT

    1. So glad your hood is working again, that's great! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I really like this method of calculating scores. I might have to come up with something like this for my hood. How does a college bound senior apply to Pierce University if they live in another hood, by the way?

    1. To apply, they need to send an email with some basic information-name, age, etc and their CSE, CHE, CIE scores. Also if they are applying for any special programs (the requirements can be seen on the Pierce University page)

      Thanks for commenting and reading. Can't wait to see if any Port Manteau's will be joining PU!


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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