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Anywhere Close, 2014

Hapar, spring, 2014
Ray and Lydia Wilsonoff are 45, Alia Shae is 10, Ari and Ava are 6

Forty-five. Lydia didn't know what to think. Forty-five wasn't that different from fifty, yet, she felt so much different than fifty. She wasn't anywhere close to expecting grandchildren like the others from her high school, in fact her children were still simyears away from their teen years.

At least Sara was in the same boat as she was. She and Alan had recently welcomed a little girl, just when most sims would be done having children.

Lydia thought baby Elisa was the cutest baby, and of course Sara agreed.

Ari and Ava were doing so well in school, 

both of them were on the honor roll now. Ari had even earned the position of first chair in the school band and Alia Shae was named Player of the Year for the school soccer team.

To celebrate, they were treated to a meal out and ordered whatever they wanted, which meant mac & cheese, milkshakes and large slices of cake. Even Alia Shae's grades had improved as well, but more impressive was that her behavior had made vast improvements. They no longer got phone calls in the middle of the day regarding Alia Shae and to reward her, they finally agreed to soccer lessons so that she could improve her form on the field.

The lessons were two-fold, as a reward for her improved behavior, 

but also as a way of encouraging her to participate in physical activity. At her last doctor's appointment, there was some concern about her weight and possible health issues.

"Get her more active, feed her healthier meals," they were instructed.

Ray had made sure to try and infuse more of their meals with vegetables and decrease the amount of heavy sauces that he placed on everything.

At first, there was some resistance, especially from Lydia who preferred the heavier meals, but soon the entire family got used to healthier eating.

Lydia still worked crazy hours, but she was studying for a skills exam that would allow her to be eligible for a promotion to captain if she could pass the tests.

Ray still ran the house when she had to pull her crazy shifts,

and the children were used to the erratic schedule. Though she did miss out on some crazy conversations.

"You have never seen a genie?" Robin asked her friend.

"No, they don't exist."

"Yes they do. I can send you one tonight."



Ava noticed the shiny lamp the next morning, but Lydia ushered them on the schoolbus so quickly that she didn't have a chance to rub it. Lydia didn't know who would drop off a lamp in their yard, much less her flower garden, but it was kind of cute.

She had forgotten about the lamp until a trip into the basement caused her to remember.

She giggled as she rubbed it, "I wish there was a genie."

To her amazement a purple haze filled the room, reminding her of her brief stint in college, and a voice echoed, "Three wishes, any wishes."

"Hmm, anything?"

"Wealth, beauty, anything."

"Give me wealth."

"As you wish," he said before disappearing.

Lydia wondered if she was spending too much time studying and perhaps had imagined it all, but a strange jingle in the sky caught her attention. She looked up and saw a large bag falling and she jumped out of the way. Inside the bag was oddles and oddles of simoleans.

No, she wasn't dreaming and the bags kept falling all day.

Of course, Ray had no choice to believe her when he saw the sacks of money that evening.

"We could build that deck that you want."

"Yes, and then maybe you could open your own bakery again."

Ray was silent, he had a conversation with Sazo about possibly funding him to start is own bakery, but the older man had reservations. 

Instead he offered Ray the opportunity to be the head chef in a new bakery as well as provide, on a commission basis, cakes for PieceofCake.

"Let's be honest, you're book smart, but you lack the business sense. I think your baked goods are great and I don't mind having you run a bakery, strictly from the kitchen of course. But let the experts handle the business management, ok?"

Ray really couldn't argue with that, he still had the papers of his first huge loan to remind him of that fact.

"Or we could take the kids to Kimikura, see the sights and maybe even have a second honeymoon."

"That sounds great."


  1. Wow, that was certainly a lucky break for Ray and Lydia! I like how your sims always have a few options to consider whenever they get a windfall. Having all that money must be overwhelming, when you try to narrow down what you want to do with it.

    1. They have Robin to thank for that lucky break, that and her powers. They got about $27000 in all, so it might go rather quickly. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. This family could really use the money, glad that it worked out well for them, and that it didn't go bad. I don't know what happens when you wish wealth and it goes wrong though.

    I hope she gets her promotion soon, so she can enjoy her kids while they are young.

    1. I think the family gets a bunch of bills if the wish fails. I hope she does as well, her hours are so crazy, but its realistic.thanks for reading and commenting.


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