Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Old Mill Live/Work Units

I completed the trio of 1x1 live/work units. It ended up being only two different units-a 2 bedroom and a 1 bedroom loft. I used the combination of them to create a small street of live/work units.

Here they are: The Old Mill Live/Work Units (named after the image they're based on)

These are the original units, I made them as if they were the middle units. I figured that it's easier to delete the extra hanging wall than to add it. They would make decent apartments as well, but I didn't see the purpose since they're only a single living space. However if you wanted your sim to live above a small store or shop and not have to run the store or shop OFB style, then you could easily add the store there and change the door into an apartment style door.

The work part of the live/work unit. A small washroom and open area ready to be transformed into whatever your heart desires. The seperate entrance for the unit is also on the ground floor.

Living space with plenty of space

Two bedroom unit

One bedroom loft unit

View of the units in my hood

Some interior views of the units

Download one bedroom loft or the two bedroom unit


  1. Very nice! These will be going in my game once I get up and running again. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for these terrific CC-free builds!

  3. I am re-downloading these! I must have lost them but they are awesome.


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