Monday, January 28, 2013

Guilty, 2014

Havar, fall, 2014
Johan is 53, Myra and Naraj are 19, Udar is 10

Johan was finally returning to the rhythms of life. It had been two simyears since that horrible day when Jadhira died and he had only just stopped referring to himself as married on important documents.

He was thankful for his children, thankful that Naraj chose to stay nearby for university instead of pursuing a degree in another hood.

Thankful that Myra had such a busy life going on and that she still shared the details of that life with him.

Everything from the house hunting search and how hard it was to find a decent apartment,

to the news about the wedding planning.

She was mostly planning the wedding with Abel and her future mother in law, Rebecca. He knew that summer 2015 would be here quickly and that there was a lot of details still left.

Things like dresses, flowers and the all important location. Abel's parents had volunteered their backyard and  basement for the event considering the couple only wanted family and close friends in attendance. The yard was small, but it would be large enough for a canopy and some chairs, best of all, it would be free and for a couple on a small budget, free is sometimes the best reason for choosing something.

Udar was doing well, even though Johan felt guilty for neglecting him in the beginning. If it wasn't for Myra, he wasn't sure that Udar would have even been fed for the last few simyears.

He was doing much better, in fact his last report card he earned all As and a spot on the honor roll.

To celebrate Johan took him fishing, which was widely unsuccessful as they neither caught fish.

Yes, he was slowly getting back into the rhythms of life, but he still thought of Jadhira often. He would sit outside and look for "their star"

and every time he saw a passing comet, he couldn't help but feel that she was smiling down at him.


  1. This family is always going to feel that empty space where Jadhira should be (and I think they'll feel it even more on Myra's wedding day) but I'm glad to see that they're also moving on with their lives. They seem like they're all adjusting to this new normal, in fairly healthy ways.

    1. You're right, her wedding day will be a sad day especially since Jadhira would have been the one to help her plan the event. I hope they continue to adjust and wonder what Johan will do. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I'm glad that Johan is feeling some relief after the death of Jahira.The wedding planning with Myra seemed to have come around a time when he needed it.The last update she seemed pretty worrisome about his mental state.I just hope he is able to find some stability and comfort once she is married.Is Udar his son with Jahira? I didn't realize there was a younger child.

    1. Yes, Udar was a surprise baby for the couple later in life, once ACR got introduced to my game and everyone got knocked up, lol. Johan finally got out of red aspiration that he was in for so long, hopefully he continues to get better. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Super excited, I dled opera browser and now I can comment again from mobile devices, blogger broke their login box a while ago and never thought to repair it.

    I am still so sad for this family, but found this update to have hope in it, and it made me glad to see him engaging with life and his kids again. Myra's wedding will be so bittersweet though, really wish her mom could have lived to see it.

    1. Sometimes blogger is wonky, especially it's mobile options.

      I wish her mom was still around as well, there's so much Jadhira is missing.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


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