Monday, October 14, 2013

30, 2016

Lovar, spring, 2014
Faith is 30, Olivia is 8, Vivienne is 7. Walt Jones is 31

30. When did she turn 30?

She didn't feel 30 as she played with her daughter and took delight in finally beating her at red hands.

30 meant being an adult. Not wishing that your child will scoot over so you can play in the bathtub together

and pretend to be swimming.

30 meant caring about the names of the children your child brought home with them.

It meant making sure that they brushed their teeth every simday

not just once a simweek.

It meant being concerned that one minute your child was as sweet as pie to her doll,

then bashing it in the head the next minute.

30 meant spending money on healthy food, not toys and cookies to keep the children quiet and out of your hair.

It meant a proper house with a yard, not some dingy apartment with mold in the walls and spots that will never be cleaned.

If 30 meant being an adult, maybe 31 meant being a child again.

At least if you looked at Walt and his silly antics.

However, he was a devoted father, tucking in children for bed

and making grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner

and even leaving sandwiches in the fridge so the girls could have a decent after school snack.

Faith wasn't sure that she was what 30 needed to be, but who was.

I'm surprised that she's 30! She seems like a big kid sometimes even though she has children. They take care of themselves for the most part, especially Vivienne.


  1. Wow, Faith is 30. I remember her wild child days. I hope she doesn't let it hit her too hard. I'm sure she can find a balance at being an adult along with feeling like a kid at heart. At the very least, it seems like Walt can help her feel young.

    1. I remember her wild child days too, it seems like she's still living them, lol :) I hope she can find balance, but part of growing up is taking responsibility and she's not doing that part too well. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Wow, I remember her as a teen! It's a bit weird to turn 30, I found, so I definitely get where Faith is coming from here. You feel like you should feel like an adult but you usually don't. But you know, nothing wrong with being a bit immature, as long as you still get everything done! I bet the kids have a ball with Walt and Faith!

    1. I agree, as long as you get everything done there's nothing wrong with being immature. But the girls routinely eat cookies and juice for dinner since there isn't food and Faith very rarely cooks, sometimes she makes a sandwich, but that's about it. Thanks for reading and commenting,

  3. Sometimes it's really hard to picture your sims the age they are, especially when you've know them since they were born!
    I'm turning 30 next year, and it feels really weird, because I don't feel like almost 30 ... so I think how Faith feels here :)

    1. I'm in the same boat as you, so it is weird to see that Faith turned 30 and comparing it to society's view of what you should have accomplished by 30. Thanks for reading and commenting


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