Monday, October 28, 2013

Bringing Home Baby, Lovar 2016

Lovar, spring, 2016

Sometimes Lainey dreamed.

Walking around large and rotund, barely seeing over her belly.

But then she would wake and carass her flat stomach. The ache of the missing child gone too soon washing over her with salty tears.

Ming was hungry, already the little leech was making its prescence known and she was only in her second trimester.

She dug in the fridge until she found both the jar of pickles and leftover fried shrimp. Yum.


  1. Aw, Lainey. :( Life is just very unfair sometimes.

    I'm glad Ming is doing okay. Pickles and shrimp don't seem nearly as gross as some other pregnancy craving combos I've heard of!

    1. Lainey and Verde don't have the best time when it comes to making babies, but then again, RL is like that as well. For every Susie and Anthony that seem to look at each other and they get pregnant, there is a Verde and Lainey, or Brandon and Ilila who have a harder time growing their family. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Poor Lainey, she has it really bad when it comes to increasing the family. Lainey and Verde have gone through a lot of tough times as a couple and I really feel her pain. Hopefully things will get better for them, and maybe someday they will have more children.

    Ming looks like she's getting through her pregnancy much better than I expected. Pickles and shrimp. Mmmm. I was a peas and ice cream baby myself. :) Seriously though, I've seen some of my friends craving much odder things during pregnancy. Ming's not doing too bad, to say it was such a surprise at first.

    1. Ming is handling the pregnancy in typical Ming style, plenty of snarky comments but with a heart of gold. She turns to mush around kiddos and loves babysitting, so I'm betting she'll take to motherhood pretty quickly. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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