Monday, November 4, 2013

Lots of Noise, 2016

Lovar, spring, 2014
Alphonso is 34, Krissy (Thorn) is 32, Claudio is 8, Isabella is 6, Domenico is 3
narrated by Alphonso

Summer time usually meant that our house was a lot louder.

The kids were out of school which meant they were home all day playing

and making lots of noise as only kids do.

This summer was going to be even busier, Krissy was training for her first marathon.

She usually left early in the morning to run before the sun could burn her.

I had big plans to take the kids to the Apple Festival, but then I got sick with the flu. That meant that we all had to stay inside and rest as the kids and Krissy got sick as well. It wasn't a very fun time.

In fact, Krissy got so sick that I worried about her. I asked her to go to the doctor and she of course started thinking the worse. She thought she had every disease known to simkind.

I'm glad that she finally went to the doctor though. Turns out, she didn't have the flu. She's pregnant! So we're having a baby! Of course my brothers thought it was funny that we thought she had the flu when she was pregnant instead. I'm very excited of course. I want 12 kids, but Krissy said that number four will be our last.
Baby Pentragnani is due Spring 2017


  1. 12 kids! I think some of Nick's personality definitely travelled over to your hood with Alphonso and mutated. Nick wants 5 kids which is a not a lot in the grand scheme of things but it's a lot for such a shy guy!

    But anyway, I'm glad these two are having another baby. And that Chrissy isn't dying. I was briefly worried you were about to kill her off, lol!

  2. Another baby! I feel responsible for this one! I remember when you posted about Alphonso & Krissy finding out they were having a third kid, making a comment about looking forward to seeing them have more kids and you telling me not to jinx them... Just checked the old posts and it was one called "Trying Tonight" that went up last May. :P

    Whether or not it's my fault, congratulations to Krissy & Alphonso (and by Sena, good luck to them! Alphonso, you don't really want eight more on top of this bunch, do you?)

    1. Lol, I remember that, well they better not have triplets or something. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  3. 12 kids! LOL, He says it so casual too, "eh I want twelve kids," as if that number is not absurd. Oh what a dreamer! ;) I'm excited about them having another baby, actually thought she was, she looked a little pudgy in her running outfit. They are a sweet family though,and have very cute kids, and four seems like a reasonable number too.

    I was a little concerned that she was going to end up with an incurable disease too, so I'm even *more* excited about a baby!

    1. I was nervous too, Maisie, when I noticed that she wasn't getting better. She wasn't throwing up, but she kept acting like she had the flu. I actually know a woman whose first child was a mistaken case of the flu. You're right about the running outfit, that picture was from the end of the play session after she popped. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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