Monday, May 12, 2014

Bringing Home Baby, Patar, 2017

Patar, summer, 2017

Abel worked hard most of the spring getting the nursery ready. New windows replaced the drafty ones, stripped walls were covered with painted and the floors were refinished.

Now that summer was here, the nursery was complete. It only needed the little one.

"Now, about those kitchen cabinets."

"What about them?"

"I need the kitchen to be finished before the baby comes," Myra pleaded.

Abel sighed, "What is it that you want done?"

S'Ahmisa was feeling much now that she was in her second trimester.

She was instructed to take it easy especially since she was on bed rest for her last pregnancy

and this pregnancy was even more high risk due to the fact that they were having twins.

Erricson was coming to terms with the fact that he would be a father soon. He and Tracy still had a lot to learn about each other, but they knew that regardless of how great the woohoo was, they were not fit to be a couple. Now they had to figure out a way to successfully co-parent their little one.

Birthdays around the hood

Audrey Peterson turns 5

 Esperanza Herendez turns 5

Indira Grey turns 12

Jeremy Kent turns 12

Lora McMillian turns 12

Xiang Hua Wuu turns 1


  1. I don't even really like pink but I am totally in love with S'Ahmisa's office! Wow! Excited to meet all these babies. And all these new kids and teens - Audrey is so cute with the red hair and freckles and Indira turned out absolutely stunning.

    Probably a good move for Erricson and Tracy to split up now. Much less trauma for the kid down the track.

    1. She is so hard to decorate for, I try not to go overboard and have her looking like Legally Blond, but she is fond of pink. There were a lot of age ups and I can't wait to play these cuties even more! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. The pink looks great, especially with the accent wall!

    It was so realistic the way you showed Abel and Myra fixing up the nursery, it is nice you took the time to do that. Poor Abel, he doesn't have the nesting hormones, but he has to work on the kitchen cabinets!

    Your Esperanza and Audrey are each so cute!

    1. Poor Abel, she has nesting hormones badly and now she's at a point where she can't help him with the heavier tasks, thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Tracy looks amazing! Audrey is adorable, and I love the pink office, and great looking nursery. Looking forward to the babies, and love the new age ups.

    1. Audrey is so much fun. She's such a tomboy and she has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Thanks for reading and commenting


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