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Something Different, part 1, 2017

Patar, summer, 2017
Bill is 33, Emma is 32, Jacob is 11 and Abigal is 10.

optional soundtrack-The Worst, Jhene Aiko

narrated by Emma

Usually during the summer time I try to ignore Abigal's early morning dance sessions in her room,

and her dangerous habit of sliding down the stairs. But she's my daughter and pretty much a splitting image, well personality, of her mother. She is a rowdy spit fire and won't back down to anything or anyone.

Jacob reminds me more of Bill, but he's more withdrawn, preferring to spend quiet early mornings staring at the sky with his new telescope.

Both kids managed to get their grandfather to promise to take them to the beach, if they got on the honor roll. 

Well, they both got on the honor roll with a lot of work, long nights crying over homework and extra credit projects.

They couldn't wait to show him their report cards when they finally arrived.

For weeks they talked about leaving for three weeks with their grandparents. I don't know if they were more excited about riding the light rail or the actual beach.

However, Jacob did assure me that he would be taking his puzzle book.

With the children gone, it was a lot quieter around the house

so everything seems a bit louder, like when Bill got a call from work.

I knew it was Zoe.

She works at the university, but they have been working together on some project.

Bill has been spending a lot of time tinkering on the design, but I felt that the phone calls and meetings were becoming excessive.

I hate her. There's something different about her as compared to the other women. She's not the same as a lonely old woman, or those young college girls. 

She was trouble. 

I always eliminate trouble.

Unfortunately I got an unwanted phone call. Abigal broke her arm only two days into their three week trip. I groaned thinking about the deductible, but thankful that we at least had insurance.

After that phone call, I needed to relax, so I drew a bubble bath, 

attempted a friendly conversation, which didn't go too well,

and met Ming for a little shopping. I arrived a bit early and couldn't help but lovingly caress the designer shoes. 

I may not have Ming's paycheck to spend on designer shoes each month, but now that she has a kid, her paychecks are not going to monthly designer shoes either. 

Honestly, I can afford designer shoes every six weeks if I'm careful with other budgetary items, but I do love to splurge on my designer shoes.

ROS: break a limb, Abigal


  1. I can't say I'm surprised that Bill is spending a lot of time with this Zoe. That "I always eliminate trouble" from Emma has me a little worried about what might be in store for these two. :)
    The ROS fits with the sort of kid Abigal is as well, sliding down the stair rails can't be the safest activity. Not the best thing to happen when you're on a beach trip though.

    1. Abigal is trouble just like her mother, that little one! I'm surprised she hasn't broken more bones. But believe me, she's still having fun on her beach trip, cast or no cast. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. "I always eliminate trouble!" - that's rather ominous of Emma. Then again, I can't say I blame her or that I wouldn't feel the same way in her position. Zoe is quite clearly trouble!

    1. Nothing illegal, or at least very illegal. Emma just had a way of making sure that women she considers a threat are well informed that Bill is taken and though he might play around, he isn't going anywhere. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. That turn of phrase sound quite fitting for Emma. She was never someone to be trifled with. If I were Bill, I'd watch myself. Not only is Emma something fierce, but she has family, which is why they're married in the first place.

    1. You are correct, Emma can call on back up anytime she needs, she has a lot of protection. Bill knows this. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. Oh Bill... I'm very curious how Emma will eliminate the trouble in this instance. Love Abigal's first photos, what a spirited girl! I can totally see her breaking an arm! Perfect fit for that ROS. And she should bounce back quickly with her outlook, and being young.

    1. Spirited is a great way to describe Abigal, she definitely has a lot of spirit and I'm sure that you're right about her bouncing back quickly, thanks for reading and commenting.


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