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Bringing Home Baby, Resar, 2017

Resar, fall, 2017

S'Ahmisa was getting used to the multiple doctor appointments.

She was doing everything right. She was resting and working less.

Still, Dr. McMillian wasn't pleased.

"You need to take it easy."

"I am, I'm limiting myself to 30 phone calls a day and 12 meetings a day."

Suzanna wanted to roll her eyes, but she regulated her emotions and put on her mean doctor voice.

"Listen, minimal activity means just that, minimal. I will see you again next week. If I'm not liking what I'm seeing with the twins, I will admit you for hospital bedrest."

S'Ahmisa didn't like being told what to do, but she knew that she had to slow down, but she just didn't know how. Maybe hospital bed rest wasn't such a bad thing.

Erricson and Tracy had only a few more weeks to meet their little one. In the meantime, they were working out visitation and child support payments. Thankfully, they were able to get most of the details without a lawyer and would file a document with the court clerk soon.

Myra groaned as another contraction  rendered her motionless. She was just rearranging the spices in the kitchen, trying to distract herself.

Her phone rang and it was Dr. McMillian, it was as if the woman knew that now was the time.

"I'm on my way, have Abel fill the tub and walk a bit."

After a successful at home water birth, Abel and Myra welcomed their firstborn, a daughter with the eyes of her grandfather, Julio and the hair of her grandmother, Jadhira.

They named her Jana, a combination of Jadhira and Ana Rayne to honor those no longer near them.

Ilila made her way to each bedside

tucking in each child and giving a kiss.

The bedtime routine was depressing now that Brandon was away and she couldn't shake the nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach.

It was only when she rushed to the bathroom for the tenth time that evening did she consider the possibility. It only took an old test and three minutes for her to have her answer.

"You have got to be kidding me. How does an infertile couple have an unplanned pregnancy?" She thought as she hugged the porcelain bowl again.
Baby Peterson is due Summer 2018

So happy with Jana, I learned how to fix the recessive traits of my sims and she was the first baby born after then. I love it that she got her genetics from her grandparents.


  1. Wow. Ilila is pregnant? That must add a lot more pain and worry to her life right now. I really feel for her in this situation.
    Jana's birth is much happier news. I love that she is named after Jadhira and Ana Rayne. What a sweet way to honour their memory. I'm glad my recessive gene tutorial could help. :)

    1. Yes, an very unexpected pregnancy at that. It happens and hopefully the stress of the situation won't affect the pregnancy. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. S'Ahmisa may have to on bed rest before she settles down!

    I was excited to hear Myra and Abel had Jana in a home water birth!

    I hope the Peterson baby will be able to come into a family with a dad, isn't he the one away at war?

    1. I've been trying to highlight the different birth options that my sims go through and Jana, like a lot of other births, was born at home. Yes, Brandon Peterson is the one gone to war. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. S'Ahmisa! Take it easy, woman! I'm glad Suzanna is being tough with her, so she knows this is serious.

    So happy Abel and Myra's baby is here. Such a lovely idea to name her after both Jadhira and Ana Rayne. <3

    And wow! Brandon being away just got a lot harder for Ilila!

    1. S'Ahmisa isn't the best at taking a rest, but Suzanna has learned how to deal with the stubborn woman. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Jana is a wonderful name, made even more special with the meaning behind it. I am really shocked that Ilila got pregnant... wow, I wonder if Brandon will get to meet the baby? How will that work in your game? S'Ahmisa cracks me up! That girl takes more phone calls then I do in a month!

    1. I'm shocked that she's pregnant as well, miracles do happen! If Brandon is still away at war, he won't be able to meet the baby during birth. Brandon is at the forefront of the battle, so now daily video conferencing or phone calls. A few packages and letters, so he will know that he is going to be a father, but nothing virtually set up in the delivery room, unless I change my mind :) thanks for reading and commenting


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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