Monday, July 7, 2014

Constant Change, 2017

Resar, fall, 2017
Ming Wu is 31; Xiang Hua Wu is 1, Elphy Mendenhall is 24

Change. Constant change. That much was true. 

Ming was celebrating her daughter's first birthday.

Benjamin volunteered his home with its massive rooms, large yard and grand views of the harbor.

They invited all their friends and their children too.

The state of affairs of some couples was strained as they danced alone or with others instead of their spouse

and sitting apart from each other. While others were excited about new changes.

The party was a success, according to Ming since there wasn't any blood and very few tears, except during the birthday song in which Xiang Hua burst into tears. Which caused Sabazo to cry and soon all the toddlers were wailing in a mass protest of the high pitched celebratory song.

After the guests left, Ming and Benjamin got the birthday girl ready for bed, tucked in and covered with kisses.

The couple then relaxed in the hot tub under the stars.

Her roommate, Elphy, had been spending a lot of time at her boyfriend's Andrew's new place.

He was an architect, but not quite. It was obvious that he adored Elphy.

So Ming wasn't very surprised when Elphy gushed about the romantic dinner at the new vegan place, Orga.

She wasn't very surprised at what happened.

They were planning a summer wedding for next simyear and 

Elphy would be moving into Andrew's place as soon as possible.

The timing was well,

Ming was making big changes in her life as well. 

After a company gold tournament, she was called into the boss's office.

After some chit chat, Ming was promoted.

She had her own office and she was now the Executive over the Investments group.

Change. Change was constant.

Elphy and Andrew's wedding is planned for Summer 2018. They will be living in Andrew's place, which I will be uploading soon. They are begging to become playables, so we shall see.


  1. Ming's new office looks pretty swanky! I hope her pay packet is to match - I guess Ming won't need a new roomie, if so!

    Yay for Elphy and Andrew! He seems like a great guy (with a great house - I love that rooftop!)

    1. Thanks, I love Ming's new office. Her views are pretty awesome and her pay is nothing to laugh at. She doesn't really need a roomie, she just offered since she was moving out of the apartment earlier. Andrew is a pretty awesome guy, I love them as a couple and they're begging to become playables :) thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Happy birthday Xiang Hua, what a cute toddler she is! I can understand that definition of "success" for a toddler party, they can be a handful on their own but when you get a whole bunch together...

    Ming's new promotion and office and Elphy and Andrew's upcoming wedding are great news too. I second Carla - I also love that rooftop, with all the plants and the hammock. Looks like a nice place to relax on a warm summer evening. As long as there's not a summer fairground right at the end of his street playing loud thumping music even as he types this comment... *ahem* yes, quite. :P

    1. Lol, I could see how a summer festival with loud music would disturb the tranquil peace of the rooftop garden. You can send Elphy your compliments, she helped him deck out the roof with lots of plants, herbs and vegetables. I think this is Ming's last time hosting a bunch of toddlers together. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Ming has some great changes happening for her, that office is amazing, and Xiang Hua celebrating her first birthday! and wow what a doll, totally adorable! I'm glad her and Benjamin are happy together, and Elphy and Andrew's place is pretty amazing! Would love to see them as playables!

    1. I might allow them to become playables, I have a slot in my posting schedule that could be filled and is currently reserved for news about the non playables, but they're such a great could that it might be interesting to pay a bit more attention to them. I might do another vote since there are a few non playables that you guys might be interested in seeing more of. Thanks for reading and commenting


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