Monday, November 17, 2014

Papa Don't Preach, part 2, 2018

Hapar, spring, 2018
Jorge and Jolie are 51, Ashlee is 20, Esther is 16, Chase and Amyra are 15

optional soundtrack: Papa Don't Preach, Madonna.

They had made their plans. It was the only way that they could sit before them and not quiver in fear. 

To have to tell them, 

in words, that they were pregnant. 

That one of the tests that Dr. McMillian ran that day was a pregnancy test. 

That it was positive. The ultrasound revealed that Esther was almost in her second trimester. 

That the celiac disease wasn't flaring up. She was having the usual pregnancy symptoms.

The disappointment was evident and Breckin briefly feared for his life as Jorge glared at him. 

But they had a plan.

They would get married. Have the family they always dreamed of. It was years early, but they could do it.

Jorge laughed. Did they not know anything about raising a family? What about school? Bills? A place to live?

They had a plan, so they had answers. Esther would do school online. 

She was smart and in advanced classes. She could take her classes online, submit her coursework virtually while caring for the baby. 

Breckin would do the same. The flexibility would allow him to work. As soon as he was of age he would join the military 

and Esther would get a scholarship for family housing at Pierce University. They could make it work.

Jolie couldn't help but smile at their naivety and how they were positive things would work out. 

Jorge was fuming. He expected this from Ashlee, but not Esther. His little Esther.

"Papa, don't preach," she pleaded and Jorge's face couldn't help but soften at her voice.


  1. Oh, I am cheering for Brecklin and Esther and hope they don't have too much difficulty. Best wishes to them.

    1. I wish the best for them as well, but I doubt that their path will be smooth, thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Oooh, do you know, I almost thought Esther was pregnant last update and then they were talking about her coeliac disease and I went "nah!" So she is.

    I hope everything works out for Esther and Breckin but wow, they really are pretty naive about it all. Which is not surprising, given how young they are. If they really want to do this, they have some serious work ahead of them!

    1. I was hoping to throw you guys off the fact that she was pregnant so I'm glad the flare up at least distracted you guys for a bit, even if the song choice didn't :) thanks for reading and commenting

  3. I really hope things work out for these two, and their new little one. Hopefully they get some help too, and family housing at university sounds like a good plan. The marriage and military are two things that make me nervous for them.

    1. When you're young you tend to think of all sorts of ideas in a time like this, so we shall see what they settle on, thanks for reading and commenting

  4. As soon as I saw her stomach sticking out I had the thought. When I saw her waddle out the front door I was sure. I'm quite hopeful for the two. I love Esther and Breckin and am crossing my fingers for them.

    1. I'm hopeful for them as well, I'm sure they will struggle but they do have pretty supportive families and lots of flexibility. Thanks for reading and commenting


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