Monday, November 3, 2014

Papa Don't Preach, part 1, 2018

Hapar, spring, 2018
Jorge and Jolie are 51, Ashlee is 20, Esther is 16, Chase and Amyra are 15

optional soundtrack: Papa Don't Preach, Madonna.

It was tense around the Dawson household. Breckin was making more visits, which was nice...especially considering how ill Esther had been all winter. 

Her celiac disease was flaring up. She had the usual symptoms whenever it flared up, heartburn, digestive issues, fatigue and bloating, but things were much worse. In fact, the bloating was so bad that she had to wear dresses as her pants hugged too tightly. Not to mention the fatigue caused her to miss a few days of school. 

They had made an appointment to see the doctor again. Maybe there was another treatment they could try.

Jorge of course was beside himself with worry. He felt that they were coming to the hospital too often. It was reminding him of Grace Elise. 

"Are you sure that you're adhering to your diet?"

"Papi, don't preach." Esther sighed as his phone rang.

She could hear him talking, 

the voices getting higher on the phone and he became more animated.

"She's here."


"Ashlee. They found her. She's here."

Esther's world seem to stop as she listened to her papi explain that her sister was back, truly back. After all these years. 

He had to go meet her and get her home.

Could she do the appointment alone this time?

Of course she could, she was sixteen and almost a graduate and into university. She could handle the doctor alone.

She liked Dr. McMillian, she felt comfortable with her. 

They chatted a bit and she took notes and had Esther do a few more tests "just to be sure" and "just to see" and "it won't hurt to look at this as well". 

Esther hoped that when she finally graduated university and became a counselor that her patients would feel at ease with her as well.

"A magician? Papi, tell Chase that he can't be a magician. That's stupid."

"Well, Chase..."

"Papi, please don't preach. You always said to follow our passions. I love making magic. I'm not naive enough to think that it will put food on the table. That's why I also plan on being a stand up comic as well."

Before Jorge could reply, Esther burst in the door. "Is she here?"

"She's upstairs."

When she entered the room, she saw her. Sitting as if she had just come in from a walk, but also so different. 

She had dyed her hair and had some piercings and tattoos.

She stood up and they looked at each other for a few moments, not knowing what to say.

"Are you...are you ok?"

Ashlee smiled. "I am. How are you, little sister?" she asked reaching for a hug.

Instead she was greeted with a slap, that would probably leave a bruise in the morning.

"What the fuck! Esther!"

"How could you?"


"How could you, of all sims, leave me!"


"Mom and dad abandoned us, and then blood sister, abandoned me. You left me here. Did you think about how selfish it was for you to run.

 Run away and leave me alone. Wondering why in the hell does everyone keep leaving me?"

"It wasn't like that. I didn't think-"

"Of course you didn't think! You never think about anyone but yourself!"

"I had it rough the last few years-"

"You didn't have to. You could have been here with your sister and your family. 

You were not the only one hurting, but you chose to leave!"

"You wouldn't understand, you're a child."

"And you' are not my sister."

Esther stormed down the stairs and yelled "I'm going for a walk!" 

before shutting the front door behind her.


  1. Oh my, how dramatic!
    How was it determined that she has Celiac? I mean, is it part of your genetics system or was it a ROS or something else?

    1. It's part of my traits system, so she rolled "sickly" :) thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Wow, I can't believe Ashlee is finally back! I know Jorge and Jolie would just be feeling total relief right now but I can sympathise with Esther here too. Ashlee really has put her family through hell the last few years. :(

    1. Yep, the original ROS had how long she would stay gone and now it's time to see what she's been up to. thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Yeah, I can definitely understand Esther being angry. Did Ashlee run away as a teen?

    1. Yes, Ashlee ran away a while ago as a teen due to a ROS. thanks for reading and commenting

  4. Wow. I can't blame Esther though for being so upset with Ashlee. It has to be hard to feel abandoned by your sister and see what she's done to your family. :(

    1. Esther is more than a little upset, I'm not sure the two sisters will be able to repair their relationship. thanks for reading and commenting

  5. I'm glad that Ashlee is back, I can understand why Esther is so upset, but I hope they can make amends... and Esther looks pregnant and sounds pregnant... celiac doesn't usually make people round in the center.

    1. It does strange things sometimes, but we shall see. thanks for reading and commenting


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