Monday, March 16, 2015

Welcome Break, 2018

Lovar, spring, 2018

Elphy and Si'Enya were very busy. With Elphy's wedding fast approaching that summer, they didn't have much time to finalize details.

Thankfully they blocked out an entire weekend

just to find Elphy's wedding dress,

Si'Enya's bridesmaid dress

and maybe even see if Si'Enya found a dress for her own wedding.

They of course made an appointment to pick out the cake,

taste all the delicious flavors

and discuss details with the baker.

It was a welcome break from all the moving and decorating that Elphy and Andrew had been doing for the last few simweeks.


  1. So much going on in Apple Valley... Elphy and Andrew's wedding coming soon, as well as Si'Enya and Trevor's (which I'm really excited to see after all this time!) Congratulations to both couples!

    The pictures of Elphy and Andrew's new place look great, I like all the pictures and decorations they've got. Is that a conversion of the TS3 fishbowl I see in the second to last one? :)

  2. Ah, lots of things going on in your hood as usual. :) I love the pictures of their place, such a nice and lived-in look.

  3. How exciting - two weddings coming up! Elphy and Andrew's place looks amazing. It's got a really fun modern and eclectic look about it. The art on the walls and the cushions on the couch are awesome.

  4. What a fun update! I loved seeing the dresses and tasting cake, yum! Sometimes I wish I could go with someone to taste cake now! My cake was made by my Godmother, which was lovely, but I missed out on eating free cake. :) Their new home looks great, I really like all the deco on the stove, just like a real house.


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