Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Liebster Award

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by some pretty awesome bloggers -Carla at Sullivan, Shannon at Simdale Valley Post, Emma at Around Aleaton VT at Kulo Seeri, and Maisie at Millwood. Thank you so very much. It means a lot that I was nominated :)


Like Carla, I am going to answer the questions from each simmer separately. I'm finishing up with Maisie's questions 

1. What is your favorite part of your sims & your neighborhood? I love the way my main hood looks, sometimes I just stare at the rain falling in the hood, lol. I love the families there as well. I have a few favorite sims too, but it's a secret. LOL, I don't want to hurt the others feelings. 

2. What are you really good at, be in regards to the game, real life, work, anything? I think I'm good at building in the game, especially without CC.

3. How do you relax or unwind after a trying day? A hot shower and a glass of wine solves most problems. 

4. Favorite vacation or vacation you’d love to take? Santorini, Greece. *sigh* :)

5. What projects do you have planned or hope to accomplish for your game? LOL, I still need to rebuild my vacation areas

6. How large is your sims CC folder? 5.69 GB, bigger than I thought. Looks like it's time to cull down again.

7. What is your blogging and playing process? (Write first, plan, play first…) Play, then blog. Unless I'm continuing a story, then I think about what needs to happen and then play. For the most part, I load a family with a general idea of what needs to happen based on ROS and holiday schedule.

8. What is your favorite family tradition ether now, or from childhood? Christmas Eve performances. We would plan a Christmas Eve show with dances, songs and skits. Make lots of appetizers and perform the show for the family. Then we would open one gift. 

9. Where do you find your inspiration for buildings (community/residential) that you build/decorate? real estate books and shows plus my travels

10. Favorite pizza toppings? mushrooms

11. What’s your favorite season in real life and in the sims game? real life, summer. sims, winter with the snow. I hate the cold in real life :)


  1. Vacation areas - you and me both! But mine are awful (EA default) and yours look so great already, lol! I don't know what else you'd have left to do.

    Christmas Eve performances sound fun! You must have a creative family. :)

    1. Thank you, the areas themselves are very empty and In feel like I don't have enough lots for them to visit. Especially compared to my hood before it crashed :)


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