Monday, June 1, 2015

Liebster Award

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by some pretty awesome bloggers -Carla at Sullivan, Shannon at Simdale Valley Post, Emma at Around Aleaton VT at Kulo Seeri, and Maisie at Millwood. Thank you so very much. It means a lot that I was nominated :)


Like Carla, I am going to answer the questions from each simmer separately. I'm continuing with VT's questions 

1. What do you really wish could be done within the game? The TS3 CAS color wheel for TS2

2. How much note-keeping, if any, do you do to keep track of your Sims? Too much, lol! I have a massive excel file and notes on my blog and a family tree.

3. What's the most off-the-wall random thing you've done or considered doing in the game? Arranged marriage with my sims and the sims of another simmer :)

4. Which do you tend to do most with your Simming time... playing, building or writing? Depends on my mood. Mostly playing and building.

5. If you were to spend a year away from Simming, what would you miss most about your game? My little sim families and finding out what will happen next. Will this family have another baby? Will this family divorce? How will this sim grow up? Aghhh, such a scary thought, lol!

6. What's your favourite non-Sims game or pastime? Dancing, I really miss it. I get my fix now by having dance parties with my toddler and teaching him ballet and modern dance moves, lol.

7. If you were a Sim, what would your aspiration be? Family/Knowledge all the way baby!

8. What is your favourite childhood memory? Playing squezze-it bottle wars in our apartment in Germany. We didn't have much, but my family made playing with plastic bottles the most fun ever.

9. If you were creating a playlist of songs that summed up your game and the Sims in it, what would it sound like? A bunch of random things from kpop to classical to R&B to silence. I like silence :)

10. What's your favourite thing to snack on? Cheese, glorious cheese. Not that orange stuff masquerading as cheese, but yummy true stinky cheese. Plus walnuts lightly toasted, raw carrots, olives and grapes. Yummy.

11. If you could have any one super power, what would it be? Ability to add more time to the day.


  1. A year away from the game! My gosh, I couldn't even imagine.

    I'm so with you on olives and cheese (though we don't have that orange stuff here in Australia). Yum!

    1. There's some pretty awesome food in Australia, Tim Tams! Yummy :) I've been tempted to order them online various times, but can't swallow paying such a huge markup


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