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Survivor, 2018

Remar, fall, 2018
Ray and Lydia Wilsonoff are 49, Alia Shae is 14, Ari and Ava are 10 (Emilene Valdes is 14)

Lydia stood to attention when she saw the hood council president enter the station.

"Thank you again for your dedication and hard work, especially during the 3rd Avenue fire." S'Ahmisa said shaking Lydia's hand.

Lydia nodded. The fire was fierce. During it, the stairs had collapsed just as she rushed her crew out of the room. 

She suffered a few major burns, but after three simdays of home rest, she was released back to work. 

It was a good thing because she was bored at home.

She was still on administrative leave and no longer active for at least three simlonic months while she healed.

"I just wanted you to know that you will be awarded the Medal of Valor."

Alia Shae had a mission. She wanted to get into the police academy, but she knew that she needed to get in better shape before then.

She spent most of her time exercising, or running with her mom.

Not only was she getting in shape, but she was avoiding her sister. Her older sister, Emilene. Emilene was the reminder that her dad was with someone else at the same time that he was with mom. Emilene was the black spot in their history with her much too young mother. Alia Shae knew that her dad probably should be in jail for what he did. Emilene's mom was much too young. But now Emilene had come to live with them for a little while. 

But Alia Shae knew that it would be a long time because Emilene's mom was sick and who sends their kid away when they're sick unless they're really sick.

Alia Shae has to take Emilene around town, to clear her head her dad said.

She takes her to the usual places, The usual things teens do. 

Things like the movies and gossiping about celebrities during the trailers. 

Then pizza, with friends and distant cousins.

There's even a family gathering so Emilene can meet the other side of her family tree. 

Emilene sneaks away when no one is looking. She just needs to breathe. The air was heavy with unsaid words, silent pity, anger and resentment. It was too much for her tiny body to take it all in.

She softly started to cry, she knew that her mother was dying. No one dared to say it, but healthy sims that believe that they will be around for a long time do not send their daughters to their fathers. They do not make wills and extract promises that their daughter will go to college and will make something of herself.

"Oh, Emilene."

She was startled. She didn't hear the opening of the door nor the footsteps as Lydia had come outside to check on her, instead finding her in tears.

Lydia was familar with the young girl's emotions. She remembered when her father was sick and on his deathbed. How she felt all alone, but at least she had her sister to cling to. They were close before, but after her father's death they got even closer.

Since she was familiar with death's sting, she didn't try to say any unnecessary words that meant nothing. Instead she told her story and allowed Emilene to tell hers.

Woman to woman.

Survivor to survivor.

Career ROS: Lydia injured and lose 1 body point, take 3 days to recover.

For those not familar with Emilene's history, she is from Simmington Hills and was conceived in a huge drama filled period of Ray's life.


  1. I remember Emilene (I still miss Simmington Hills sometimes). How very sad about her mother. What a massive adjustment this is for her, knowing her mother is dying and not being able to be there with her and instead trying to fit into a new home and family.

    I'm glad Lydia is able to step up and be there for her, whatever feelings she might have had about Ray's affair. Hopefully, Alia Shae is coming around a bit too. She could end up being another good source of support for Emilene. She didn't ask to be born into this situation, after all.

    1. I miss SH too. I'm not sure where I will go with Emilene's mother, but I felt that Ray should have some responsibility when it comes to his oldest child. It's not like she doesn't exist :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Ah, I did enjoy Simmington Hills, but not until the very end of it, I do recall Ray, but didn't remember Emilene. Poor girl, how hard to be away from her Mother during this, and knowing what is happening with her. I hope that she opens up to Lydia, and I'm glad that she is able to be there for her, though it is sad that they both share these experiences.

    1. Emilene is a bit shy with her new family. She's well aware of the history and shame surrounding her birth since unlike her father who moved away and escaped the gossip, her mother remained. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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