Monday, October 26, 2015

Hallowed Halls, Fall 2018

Pierce University
Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are juniors. (Juliet Benson and Zhou Mi are juniors, Patrick Benson is a senior)

WilTechGerald Frankson, second year Associate of Public Service student

The fall semester was proving difficult for Naraj as he started medical school. 

He enjoyed his classes and 

even the labs. 

He just wished that he was doing more practical things, but every master must start as a student.

Laci was adjusting to Veronika's departure.  

She and Zhou were still going strong. 

She had improved her grades enough that she was on track to make the Dean's List.

Additionally, she had gotten an internship with a local vet.

Her days were varied, some days she did intakes. 

Other days she did grooming. 

She was finding that she really did enjoy this type of work, it was if she were glowing, and that it was more than a childhood whim. 

Her father would say that she reminded him of her mother and how proud she would have been to see her baby girl following in her footsteps. 


  1. I'm so happy that Laci and Naraj are enjoying what they're doing, and that Laci and Zhou are still going strong. They're such a lovely couple. I hope things continue to go well for all of them!

    1. I hope they stay together as well : Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Loved seeing Laci at her vet internship! It gave me a glimpse of what Annabel might be in for, assuming she keeps passing all her classes. ;)

    It's good to see Naraj finally in med school as well.

    1. Laci still has to go to vet school, but I wanted her to get some hands on experience first. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. So nice to see Laci doing well, and the vet internship was really nice to see! I can't wait to one day have a vet, and I'll definitely have my eye on how you play that out with Laci. Hopefully Naraj will be doing more practical things soon.

    1. I know it's too early for her to really be working at a vet, but I couldn't resist, so an unpaid internship it is. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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