Monday, November 9, 2015

Bringing Home Baby, Givar 2018

Givar, winter, 2018

Jasmine knew that this was her last child. She made sure of it when she was in the hospital. She didn't want to become pregnant again at her age.

Since this was her last child, Jasmine and Harris were a little disappointed when they brought home baby Oliver, instead of Olivia as they had been craving.

Oliver joined his big brothers and Jasmine and Harris just shrugged. Apparently they were meant to be a family of boys.

The family also expanded in a more subtle way. They were finally able to adopt Nicholas, whom they had been fostering since his birth. Nicholas was now an official Frankson.

Two doors down, Krissy looked over the plans again. It was hard to imagine that Andrew Davis was able to carve out even more space in their tiny house. Alphonso really wanted to move, but Krissy held her ground. She wanted to be near her sister and allow the cousins to play together. What better way than two doors down.

Andrew managed to find a way to build access into the third floor attic and convert it into a luxiourous master retreat.

He then created another bedroom on the second floor, which was decorated in a woodlands theme for the new baby.

Krissy was determined that this child was her last. She didn't trust her birth control anymore and was suspicious of sabatoage. This time, she was doing something more permenant.

Si'Enya and Trevor were very excited to be expanding thier family so quickly.

Trevor's creativity had increased and he was constantly singing newly written songs to the baby.

Si'Enya suggested that he make an album of lullabies with all his new material.

Trevor knew that he had more than enough material for such an album.

Sara and Alan Phillips were expanding their family as well. Little Elisa was becoming a little sister.

The family had adopted Evan and now they felt complete.

Elphy still had 12 simweeks left of her pregnancy, but that didn't stop the jarring pain unexpectedly one evening....


Since this update is running a bit long, I am breaking it into two parts :)


  1. Oh no! I hope everything will be ok with Elphy and her baby.

    I just love Si'Enya and Trevor. I think they are my favorite couple.

    Funny how both sisters, Jasmine and Krissy, are of the same mind regarding making sure there are no future pregnancies.

    1. I didn't even notice that about Krissy and Jasmine, lol! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Whoa, leave us with a cliffhanger there! I hope everything is all right with Elphy's baby, despite a very early arrival!

    1. Yes, a cliffhanger, but we will have an update soon :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. So many great families expanding their families through adoption and babies! I love seeing so much happiness, lol on the Oliver instead of an Olivia! A family of all boys would be fun though. I'm very excited for Si'Enya and Trevor, I agree that they are one of my favorite too. I hope everything is okay with Elphy and her baby.

    1. I wanted a girl for Jasmine and Harris so badly, but nope, another boy :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Oh, I hope Elphy and her baby are ok. Congratulations on adopting Nicholas, and it was so sweet, Trevor singing lullabies to the baby.

    1. It was a long time coming for Nicholas but I felt that his parents would have given up their rights by now. It's still sad that he won't know his biological family (Rojo, verde, and Carmela Herendez) at least not for a while. Thanks for reading and commenting

  5. Another boy for Jasmine and Harris? Hmm, maybe I should just stop commenting on the birth posts. I remember my comment when we found out about Jasmine's surprise pregnancy in May... *VT ducks under her desk to avoid flying fruit*

    By the way, I love Trevor's lullabies and the woodlands themed nursery. (But I hope there's no chance of those antlers above the crib falling! I still remember my little sister being thwacked on the head by a collapsing mobile.)

    1. Wow, thankfully the mobile won't fall, that would be awful :) thanks for reading and commenting


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