Monday, November 23, 2015

Bringing Home Baby, Givar, 2018

Givar, winter, 2018

"May I help you?"

"We are here to see our baby,"



The nurse checked the records and buzzed the couple in. She was familiar with them, they stopped by at least three times a day. In the morning, the woman, the mother, would drop off tiny canisters of breastmilk labeled with their surname and place them in the fridge. The man, the father, would come during those times as well.

Together they would watch as the nurse on duty would place a premeasured amount in the feeding tube for their baby.

They would sing to their baby, a little girl named Madeline. They couldn't touch her as she was too fragile and the lightest touch would cause stress. However, the nurses and even the doctor, would bend the rules. They would allow the couple to touch her ever so lightly with their fingertips.

Usually the woman, the mother, asked lots of questions about the child's care. The other nurses were familiar with her as well. She was one of them. Usually on the other side of care, but this time, she was a mother first and a nurse second.

Today they were there this evening to hear from the doctor. This would be one of the last times that they would hear from Dr. McMillian as VK Memorial had hired a new pediatrician that was going to start after the holidays.

She kept her eyes on the vitals, something had peaked her attention.

The doctor had seen it as well and pushed the couple outside.

She imagined that they were huddled outside, scared at the sudden change in the mood and why they were rushed out of the room.

She imagined that the women, the mother, was more upset because she was all too familiar about why nurses and doctors had to clear the room sometimes.

It wasn't because they needed the elbow room.


  1. Oh, poor Elphy and Andrew. Poor baby Madeline too. It must be so hard for them to deal with, and the end of this update worries me a little. I really want them all to come out of this OK. *knocks on wood*

    1. I want things to be well too, thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Oh no, I'm very worried about the end of this update. I hope everything turns out okay. :(

    1. We will get an update from them soon, thanks for reading and commenting

  3. I hope everything is okay with Madeline. So sad for Elphy and Andrew. :( How do you decide who has healthy pregnancies and who doesn't?

    1. I don't decide. When I loaded the lot to take Elphy's bump photo, she went into labor. So I exited without saving thinking I had messed up the pregnancy progression with SimBlender. When I reloaded the lot, I doubled checked that she was currently a second trimester bump and that she would be bumped to third trimester. However she went into labor again, so I write her early delivery into the story. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. Oh, I really hope things turn out okay for them! Such dramatic twist to sim pregnancy. :)

    1. I try to keep it a little realistic, she was only in her second trimester so less than 27 weeks if this was a RL pregnancy. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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