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Snapshots, Giver 2018

Givar, winter, 2018
slightly NSFW language

It was Christmas time, which meant visits from families. Amanda was in town with her boyfriend, Elliot. The whole family had been anxious to meet him since Amanda first spoke of him.

Rebecca and Julio enjoyed having their baby girl around again, even if only for a little while. They asked a few questions of Elliot, even though they knew the answers from Jorge's background check that he ran on the young man. Even though the couple answered numerous questions about their relationship, their studies and careers, they were still very silent about future wedding plans. At least it seemed that marriage wasn't off the table, especially if the looks Elliot kept giving Amanda were any hint.

Abel was happy to see his sister again. He teased her about being in love and getting married and instead of her usual denial, she just smiled and said "we'll see,"

Like the hopeless romantic he was, he hoped to see his sister happily married and settled down with a houseful of kiddos. But he was also keenly aware that, even though they were twins, they were very different when it came to things like marriage and love and babies. He was sure that whatever Amanda, and hopefully Elliot, would decide that she would be happy. Afterall, he was happy with his life. His girls and wife, Myra.

It was Christmas time and Myra was busy at the Toy Shoppe taking a break from crafting toy robots and helping to stock the shelves. Rebecca wanted her to know every aspect of running the store since eventually the store would be passed down to Myra to manage.

The store was packed with grandparents and parents and uncles and aunts all seeking that perfect toy.

Her feet hurt and she really shouldn't be here considering that she just gave birth to twins. But it was the holiday rush and the extra money was much needed.

Tomika didn't care how much her daughter-in-law insisted that the kids didn't need anything, she planned on buying half the toy store for her grandbabies.

Sabien and Tomika Cunningham had finally made the move. After simyears of contemplation, they left Simmington Hills in the hands of a younger but highly qualified mayor. Sabien retired and was collecting a nice pension, while Tomika had another two simyears before her planned retirement from the force, She transferred to Apple Valley in order to be closer to Rashid. The other boys thought that he was his favorite, but she said that she loved all her children and grandchildren equally. Besides, when S'Ahmisa offered to buy them a house in the neighborhood, how could they say no to that.

Jack Daniels was another recent transplant as well, He was personally recruited by Lt. Tomika Cunningham to join the AVPD.

He and his son, Lincoln, were able to find a nice size brownstone near the metro. It was still bare, but Jack didn't really care. As long as the house was clean they didn't need curtains. His only complaint was that he hadn't listened to the realtor and gotten such a large place. He should have gotten a small apartment instead. Thankfully he was only leasing the house for a simyear and there would be time to move into something smaller, something more manageable to clean. However the backyard was the selling feature for his son, and Jack was a sucker for making his son happy.

Tyisha Masters cuddled her son, Jackson. It had been years since she had lived in Apple Valley.

She had missed home and returned to Simmington Hills to be closer to family again. In fact, she would still be living there if it wasn't for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Her job as a member of the design team was in danger, but her boss recommended that she lead a new design team based in Apple Valley. She knew that he was behind it. Part of his promise to take care of her and Jackson. He knew that she always wanted to lead a design team and money does things, especially when you had a lot of money and the power  that went with it.

She easily got the job and her new team respected her highly. Emma Carr, one of the design assistants was the one who told her about the empty home with it's exposed brick walls and large windows. Tyisha had texted photos of the house to him and his reply was if that's what you want and think Jackson will benefit from, then say the word. Within hours, the home was hers.

Emma lived next door and would come over often. She even introduced Tyisha to Lainey Herendez.

Now the three women would meet each week for wine and beer.

They talked about everything from Emma's numerous affairs, including the guy she slept with in order to get her current job. Tyisha had to laugh to herself. The woman was selling herself short. Didn't she know that pussy was invaluable. A mere assistant job? Emma should have demanded more. Hell, Tyisha had a job as a design team lead, a fully paid for house in the metro, and a black simex credit card all for one night of pussy.

The women also talked about Lainey's eventual upcoming divorce and her search for new housing. Lainey and her ex-husband, whom Tyisha recognized as S'Ahmisa's old high school boyfriend, were trying to find housing near each other. Tyisha made a mental note to pass on the information to Rashid. He would want to know that his wife's first love was newly single and possibly looking for friendly comforting. She smiled at that thought as well. High school seemed eons ago and her dislike of S'Ahmisa had simmered down once she saw how much the woman was willing to sacrifice for Rashid. Hell, she wouldn't have given up a shot at being the mayor for some guy, even if it was Rashid.

Emma and Lainey had given up asking about Jackson's father, Tyisha's curt reply of we are doing well by ourselves was enough to shut the two women up in front of her, but not stop them from gossiping behind her back, Jackson's father was involved in their lives as much as he could be, but that was part of the deal as well...complete anonymity.


  1. I had forgotten Abel and Amanda were twins. Their lives are so very different that I always tend to think he's older. He's sweet to want his sister to be happy though, whatever that might mean for her.

    When I read "Tomika", I started thinking "wait, THAT Tomika?!" LOL, I was excited to see some more SH sims in Apple Valley. It's nice that they can have a home in your hood. Is Jack from SH as well? I don't remember him, so I wasn't sure he was a completely new sim or not.

    1. Yes, Abel's actually the younger twin :) I figured that Tomika wouldn't stay away too long considering that they finally gave her some granddaughters. Jack is not from SH, I had a Jack Daniels in TS1 (a single father with twin girls) and wanted to have another one :) Plus I needed some more younger males that are not remotely related to anyone else. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Ahhh some familiar faces! I always loved Tyisha and so excited to see Tomika here! Nice to see Amanda happy, and lol on her parents running a background check! I wonder how Amanda would take that news! Nice that the toy shop is so successful, especially with Tomika coming in to buy a large portion of it!

    1. I love Tyisha too, I'm excited that she's back and Tomika is very determined to buy most of the toys! LOL!


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