Monday, December 21, 2015

Capable, 2018

Givar, winter, 2018
Rashid is 32; S'Ahmisa is 31; Sabazo is 3, Terilyn and Elsa are 1

The campaign images were being edited, S'Ahmisa was going to be officially named as the vice-presidential pick.

She made sure to consult with her mentor, Fiona Kent. Fiona was the sim who opened the doors politically for S'Ahmisa, introducing her to the SUN Hoods simyears ago, 

hand picking her to run the hood council and ensuring that even as a teen, S'Ahmisa had access to the best internships with the best mayors across SimNation. 

Fiona was working as a lobbyist now and had her ear to the ground and knew that the upcoming elections would be tough.

So when Fiona told S'Ahmisa that she needed the best. She knew that she had to swallow her pride and allow the best to help her.

She was nervous as she waited in her office with her campaign manager.

"Relax, he's the best."

"Trust me, I know he's the best. It doesn't make it less awkward."

They couldn't continue their conversation as Hiro entered the room. S'Ahmisa wasn't sure what to think as she saw her ex-lover, ex-fiance, face-to-face after so many simyears. When his name was first mentioned to bring onto her campaign, she balked. But time had changed them, both of them. Hiro was married, quite happily he insisted. 

In fact, he would say that S'Ahmisa's leaving was the best thing that happened as it allowed him to confide in one of his closest childhood friends and discover the wonderful woman that was right under his nose the entire time. 

It didn't take long for her to be convinced of the same thing and they were married quickly and welcomed their son six months after their wedding. It was almost too perfect and Hiro would often wonder if it were all a dream or if everything would be taken away from him one bitter day.

He wondered if that day had arrived when he received the phone call from S'Ahmisa. She insisted that it would be fully professional and that he would have Claire right by his side and would be working more with Claire as opposed to S'Ahmisa. 

S'Ahmisa wanted to make the move to Apple Valley as smoothly as possible for Hiro and his family. She made phone calls to arrange interviews with his wife, a respected pediatrician, and the hospital. The best realtor was dispatched to find a home for the young family and the best nanny to help care for their son. 

As the trio talked about their strategy for the campaign, S'Ahmisa was confident that things would be better this campaign. She was also confident that she and Hiro were pass their romantic feelings for each other, both fully satisfied in their marriages. That eased the tension and soon the creative ideas flowed.

They discussed recent fundraising efforts and her schedule for speaking engagements on the campaign trail. It would be one of several meetings between the trio to establish strategic plans during the campaign.

It would be a very busy time, which is why she was thankful that the entire family was going to the mountains to celebrate Christmas.

Their house was much too small to entertain the large crowd that they expected.

So they did what any Warwick would do. They rented out the entire boutique hotel.

For the entire weekend, the staff would be dedicated to their family and whims.

It was a large crowd, S'Ahmisa's parents, Sazo and Sandy, were there.

All the children and their nanny as well.

Rashid's parents, Tomika and Sabien, were able to make the trip as well.

It was great to be able to spend time with family and enjoy the love that surrounded them before the busy campaign season begun in earnest.

The newlyweds, Si'Enya and Trevor, were able to take time off to come as well.

Her baby sister was having a baby and she couldn't be more excited about the prospect of a niece or nephew. 

She knew that Si'Enya was freaking out about becoming a mother. She freaks out about everything.

S'Ahmisa didn't understand why, Si'Enya succeeded at everything she touched. She was a superstar in her department. Even though she was only a post-doc, her publication record and discoveries in the lab rivaled more senior colleagues. 

Trevor was jumping from success to success with the release of yet another studio album. This time, the album broke records for the most units sold in the release week.

She knew that Trevor and Si'Enya would make great parents, especially while watching them with her own children.

Rashid warned the grandparents not to spoil the kids too much for Christmas, but honestly the words fell on deaf ears.

Maybe they conspired against them, or were competing against each other. 

Either way, grandparents always spoil their grandchildren and when those grandparents often had bottomless pockets, the kids would have so many toys and goodies.

After their trip, Rashid and S'Ahmisa agreed that they needed a bigger house.

 A house capable of hosting large family events. 

But why stop with just a brand new house? Why not get a vacation home built as well. They knew that they wanted a beach house, a proper beach house with a private beach, not a beach house with beach access. 

When they discussed their dreams and ideas with Andrew, he was over the moon with excitement. Two large house orders from S'Ahmisa and he had just gotten a phone call from Si'Enya asking for a large private vacation cabin where their new family could escape for privacy. 

The extra work would be needed considering the large hospital expenses his family was incurring from Madeline's continued NICU stay, especially the bonus he wrote into the contract for ahead of schedule deliverables.


Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Starr!

    This was a sweet update from the Warwicks and Cunninghams. I was a bit worried at the start when Hiro reappeared, but I know S'Ahmisa isn't going to get involved with him again at this point! :P

    I'm glad to see Sabien and Tomika in Apple Valley, close to their grandchildren. Also really excited to see Si'Enya and Trevor become parents! I love the family photo at the end :)

    1. Yes, Hiro was needed strictly for his professional expertise, not anything more :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I hope you had a Merry Christmas Starr! This was a lovely update, I really like your cabin, and that huge white tree in the main area, it was a lovely backdrop to the family gathering. I'm glad that S'Ahmisa allowed Hiro to be on her team, if he is the best, and they are both as happy as they seem, it makes sense to be professionals together. Totally chuckled at Si'Enya worrying about everything, isn't that the truth! I can't wait for them to be parents!

    1. Si'Enya tends to worry a lot, but most times she really shouldn't. I think they will do just fine as parents. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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