Monday, January 11, 2016

Small Town Community Lots

Today I bring two community lots for your smaller towns. Use cleaninstaller because there is a lot of CC, much more than I normally add, but it adds to the look of the game.
BONUS: Included in the lots are a few never released artwork. 
First is "15-19 Oak Road": which has an ice cream parlor, barber shop and exlir shop. 


never released maxis mesh conversions of ATS artwork


15-19 Willow Road: clinic and fish market.

a small clinic and fish market, plus room for expansion


bonus: simlish maternity art from budgie2budgie


The fish market is perfect for OFB owners.

Download 2x1 lot here:

19 Oak Road
Thorpe Build Set

Captains Log - LMHWJS
Decorative Bookstand - Fanatsyrouge 
Garden Stackables planters
EA recolors 
Download Pru's and Kiri's EA recolors from the Goodies

BB Clutter Pack for 
Vinegar Drizzle
Store Jar Big Version
Store Jar Medium Version

BB Cabinets


  1. i will keep this in mind if i need some new shops, have a lot of downloads at the moment and trying to keep it to a minimum.

    1. I understand about the downloads, I know I will need to cull mine out soon :)

  2. These are all adorable! Love the idea of converting some of the ATS artwork too, for people who want to keep the number of meshes in their game down. :)

    1. I love simlish art, but not the new meshes :) Enjoy!

  3. The elixir shop has a magical feel to it.

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping the few supernatural sims I have will start shopping there.

  4. These are great! I've wanted an ice cream parlor like the one you've created here for sometime. Very cute, and neighborly! I really like the clinic too, I hope to get enough doctors and then I could use that for Millwood.

    1. I would love to see how you use it in your hood.

  5. I put PC Sims dental chair in the clinic so now it's a dental office and my dentist sim earns $800 per patient.

    I've tried downloading the Oak Rd one several times and I keep getting the Willow Road lot.

  6. I need to correct my previous comment. I get no lot at all when I put Oakside Rd. into my game. I got all the CC but no lot.

    1. That's odd. Are you clicking the lot option in the CleanInstaller?

    2. I got it finally! :-)

      This time I clicked for lot file only instead of leaving everything checked and it worked. I already had the CC in my game from my previous attempts to add the lot.

    3. I got it to work! I previously had installed using Clean Installer to install the lot and the CC. This time I clicked to only install the lot and for some reason that worked for me.

      I love the lot. It was worth fighting for so to speak. I deleted the all-in-one diner piece and put in the cake stand from bienchen83's Community Lot Revolution at Mod the Sims. I thought cake and pies were more in line with an ice cream shop than the hamburgers and gyros that are with the all-in-one diner.

    4. I would love to see the changes you made. I'm so glad that you got the lot to work for you!


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