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Look for Talent, 2019

Hapar, spring, 2019
Grex and Ginger are 47, Annie is 24, Breckin is 17, Esther (Dawson) is 17, Coraline is 1, Lara is 16, Indira is 14, and Richmond is 13

narrated by Lara

My sister Annie moved back to Apple Valley this past winter. She found a small house near the farm and was able to get a loan. 

Mama and papa are very excited to have her back home. They are always over there helping fix something or just checking on her. I wonder if Bryant will ever move back. Papa said he's too busy sowing his wild oats to even think about it. 

Breckin and his wife Esther, which is still weird to say since he's only one simyear older than me, moved in with Annie. It's supposed to help Breckin and Esther get on their feet with their baby. The apartment didn't work that well, too much responsibility too fast, is what mama says. I mean, isn't that what is supposed to happen when you decide to have a baby and get married?

It's helping them, I guess. Annie works days at the new museum of simlish history while Esther stays at home with Coraline during the day and studies online. I kind of miss seeing her in class, but the online program seems better for her. She said that she's even able to take a college level class which will help when she enters university. I wouldn't be able to do that. 

When I see Coraline, she seems like a good kid most times, but then there are times when she just seems irritated with the entire world. But then again, if I had to eat what Esther cooked I would be irritated too. 

I managed to cook better than Esther most days and I'm not the best cook. Well, I bet anyone could cook better than Esther. Who burns the entire batch of pancakes anyway? 

I understand the sacrificial first pancake, but the entire batch shouldn't be burnt to a crisp.

Thankfully, mama and papa will stop by some evenings with homecooked, not burnt, meals for them to eat. I'm sure that Annie enjoys those evenings because it means she doesn't have to pretend to like Esther's meals and then make a sandwich afterwards.

Breckin still comes to school with the rest of the teens. I don't know why he bothers, he doesn't care anymore. I think if mama and papa let him then he would drop out. Which is kind of weird since apparently he's grown up enough to decide to get married and have a baby but not enough to be trusted with his own educational choices. He works nights at the docks and afternoons on the farm. Everyone knows that Breckin is going to inherit the farm and the farmer's market, so maybe he has to finish school in order to ensure that he will inherit the farm.

Richmond was really nervous this term since he had his first big school project. It wasn't really that big, he just had to take some photos for his portfolio for art class. If you stayed still for even a second, he was taking a photo of you.

I still have dreams of being an actress even though mama doesn't like it. I haven't gone back to Studiotown to visit Aunt Starr since that summer. 

I've tried to attend some auditions but a lot of agents don't exactly come through Apple Valley to look for talent. 

I did manage to get a booking with the hood council 

as they are creating a new marketing strategy for Apple Valley in order to get more sims interested in moving to Apple Valley and starting businesses here.

The ad campaign was pretty simple, I had to take a few photos with some other residents that were selected for the campaign. 

The nice part was that we got to visit some local businesses and enjoy the food and entertainment. 

One of the cool things is that I found out that my mama did a similar campaign when she was a teen. 

I wonder why she's so against me becoming an actress since she did modeling and her sister and grandmother were both actresses.


  1. So nice that Annie moved to the area and is sharing her home with Breckin and his family. He is so young, I can see why they need help getting on their feet! That is a huge amount of responsibility, all very quickly obtained. Just caring for yourself is enough when you grow up, without adding a spouse and a toddler. The photos all turned out great, love the surfing action shot and wow, that is some huge cotton candy! The photos all really made me miss summer. Acting isn't quite the same as modeling though, so I can understand why she's hesitant to do acting.

    1. I think Breckin and Esther had quite romantic notions surrounding getting married and having a baby. I don't think they really knew what to expect when the going gets tough and trying to raise yourself and your family. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Very cool that Lara was able to get that modelling job! I'm not sure I know the history of Ginger and her own modelling career but it would be interesting to see why she's so against it for her daughter.

    1. Ginger's past in modeling was short lived. She did a hood campaign just like Lara, and a small job modeling wedding gowns as part of a ROS. I think she just wants her daughter to strive for more than acting, even though she knows it's a viable option...if you're lucky. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Sacrificial first pancake, so funny, and so true! It's so hard to get it just right on the first one. I loved the swimsuit Annie was wearing, the purple-y two piece, it was really cute. Like Maisie said, the great pictures of surfing and the boardwalk made me miss summer too.

    1. I think the only perfect first pancake I've ever seen are the ones from the freezer :) Thanks for reading and commenting


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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