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When the Bell Rings, 2019

Hapar, spring, 2019

Principal: Ilila Peterson; Secondary Teacher: Simlish & History: Jesse Kent; Secondary Teacher: Math & Science: Krissy Thorn
Secondary Students: Esther Dawson and Breckin Grey are in 12th grade; Amyra Dawson, Chase Dawson, Lara Grey, Jennifer Kent and Jessica Kent are in 11th grade; Lilly Ana McMillian, Udar Shazad, and Alia Shae Wilsonoff-Sagacious are in 10th grade; Indira Grey, Jeremy Kent, and Lora McMillian are in 9th grade; Abigal Carr, Vivienne Humphrey and Robin Wren are in 8th grade.

Usually the school year is pretty quiet, but this year things have been a bit different. 

It started early in the year with undercurrents in the school yard until finally they overflowed into my office.

The taunts of "jailbird" and "chester, chester child molester" proved too much for the girls to handle and they were close to physical violence.

I know that Olivia and Alia Shae were both hurting and that a suspension would not help them. 

Instead I offered them mandatory joint in school counseling 

or a lengthy suspension because we have no tolerance for bullying or physical violence. 

They wisely chose the joint counseling and I must admit that it actually did them some good. 

In fact, now they seem to have bonded quickly and tightly.

The only trouble they get into now 

is talking too much during class.

I believe it's due to their relationships with their fathers and their protectiveness over their sisters.

I'm hoping that their new friendship will last, but you never know with teens. 

One moment they can be best friends forever, the next they can be frenemies. 

I try not to keep up with the social networks in the school, 

but as principal I do notice these things. 

It's cute when I see a teen experience their first crush, 

and I pay attention to the formation of the "cool kids" table, even though only in Apple Valley would the "cool kids" table include a self professed nerd.

Another change is that we have a new gym teacher, finally. Lt Herendez, 

or I guess just Verde now that he is no longer in the active armed forces. 

The students love him and they didn't even know that he was a double amputee until he had a special class about being active with disabilities.

Another source of stress were this years SPATs. The students seem to realize that their scores matter a lot and with the opening of the University of Apple Valley, the SPATs could mean that students not only are eligible for admission to the new university but could also mean scholarships.

This year the SPATs were required for teens 15 simyears or older. 

I feel that any younger and it would produce unnecessary stress, while any older would reduce the amount of time available for reattempts.

The results were not too surprising. Of course, the twins Jennifer and Jessica, blew the test out of the water and are eligible for admission to UAV as well as a full scholarships. I think they still have the goal to become co-valedictorians and I don't doubt that they are studying to raise their score so that they can earn admission to Pierce University. 

Our only senior, Esther is eligible for admission to UAV as well as a full scholarship, which would be much needed since she has a small child and is married as well. I worry about her, not academically since she is still excelling in her online courses and has even earned enough credits for two university classes. However, emotionally, I worry about her. I don't think she and Breckin thought everything through when it came to getting married and having a child. They seem to have such different ambitions in life. Esther was deciding if she wanted to be a counselor or an engineer, while Breckin was set on becoming a farmer. It was the classic tale of city vs country and I want to hope that things will work out, but as an adult, I've put away such childish naivetes. 


Esther (Dawson) Grey will be attending the University of Apple Valley. She received the Provost's Merit Scholarship which covers her tuition, room and board. She also received SimCity's Scholar Grant and laptop, and the Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics. 

Breckin Grey graduated and will joining his father working at the family farm and farmer's market. 


  1. I am glad to hear things are going well in Apply Valley. I live in the far away hood Lake Park and it has been some time since I had heard news from you guys over there.

    1. *waves* Hello Lake Park! So nice to see you again!!!

  2. I have the same fears for Esther and Breckin. They're still kids themselves...but then again, marriage or not, I think it's becoming parents so young that is really going to affect them. I hope they can both rise to the occasion and become successful adults, as well as great parents and partners.

    Great idea for Ilila to order some counselling for Olivia and Alia-Shae - looks like it's made a good bit of difference for them! Fingers crossed no more issues arise.

    1. We will have lots of updates on Breckin and Esther. Their journey is very unique and I can't wait to see what happens myself :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. City vs Country... that is a real issue! I worry about them, especially with Esther and her ambitions, I would hate to see her lose herself in their relationship. I have these same concerns for anyone that Elias (my eventual farmer) marries... I do hope that things work out for Esther and Breckin though, they have more on the line.

    And I am so glad that Olivia and Alia-Shae are getting along with some counseling! How did you do that, just having them talk with the counselor in chairs? I have a few that I really need to stop fighting, and in the chairs, they just bicker anyway! Drive me batty!

    1. Yep, they had to talk in the chairs. It was nice that it worked out, but for some students it wouldn't work and that makes a great story as well. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    2. I had the same question as Maisie, about how the counseling worked. That's really neat, and I can see that some sims would continue to have conflict while talking, or even afterwards, like you say, so it is a great plot development either way.

    3. Yes, the counseling doesn't always work. I need a professional counselor for my simmies. Thanks for reading and commenting


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