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Writing's on the wall, 2019

Lovar, spring, 2019
Benjamin Endeavor is 33, Ming Wu is 33; Xiang Hua Wu is 3
Optional Soundtrack: Writing's on the wall-Sam Smith

Benjamin's career was peaking and he felt it. He knew that he wouldn't be able to stay at the top forever, no one does. He was a superstar. He had interviews almost daily, endorsements galore and his body graced the cover of everything from the top sports magazines, men's fitness magazines and even lifestyle magazines. He had been asked to appear nude several times, he declined them all since they didn't fit his family friendly image. He was chosen to be a part of the Olympic basketball team which was a honor.

This time, the olympics were held in the same place where he and Ming had purchased a vacation home. They were looking for a beach house and had narrowed down their options, so when the locations synced up, they quickly snapped up their coveted house. They didn't have private beach access, instead opting for spectacular views and a pool.

They made plans for Ming to come up to the home once the basketball events started, however Benjamin needed to be there earlier for training. He was glad that they hired out the interior design. When he arrived, everything was set up and even the fridge was fully stocked.

He took advantage of his time and his fans, but it is hollow. Not that he doesn't enjoy it, but it isn't the same.

His charms didn't work the same. His fans seemed to need extra convincing when in the past, he barely needed to say a word of reassurance. Maybe he's getting too old this. The thought made him laugh, he wasn't 50, only 33.

Why should he be too old for woohoo with random women? The new smells and sounds of a new partner were exciting. And it was a great way to work up a sweat. Maybe the thrill was less, his partners were not always as into woohoo as he was, sometimes they wanted a more emotional connection, but that was not for them. It wasn't that he couldn't connect emotionally, but he reserved that for Ming. Well, only she brought that out in him. Not only did she challenge him in the bedroom but outside the bedroom and that was sexy. Ming had a short attention span and he knew that she preferred new people and experiences. She was quite demanding in the bedroom and she knows what she likes and what she doesn't like. Benjamin enjoys that about Ming, and the fact that she will try anything once, a true connoisseur of woohoo.

When Ming finally arrived, she wasn't very happy. She was proud that Benjamin was playing in the olympics and that his team was doing well. But she was concerned.

"When will you retire from basketball?"

Benjamin hated this conversation, and it seemed to be occurring more often. He knew that he couldn't play forever, but he didn't like to be reminded of it. Besides, he was loving the game and his body wasn't giving out on him...yet. He didn't know what he would do if he wasn't playing basketball. It was his life, in his veins, driving his heartbeat. He wasn't particularly intelligent, he knew that much. he knew that he was valued for the feats that his body did on the court, not the feats of his mind. After basketball, he couldn't imagine life. He felt that he would stop breathing, stop existing. What would be the point of it all? But at the same time, there was this strange stirring within him whenever Ming asked him the dreaded question. The way her face softened and concerned etched around her eyes. He knew that for her, he would give it all up. For her, he would risk it all. That much was true, the writing was on the wall.

"When will you marry me?"

Ming rolled her eyes. She hated this conversation, and it seemed to be occurring more often. She knew that they probably would fall into marriage one day, do what's expected of them, but she didn't like to be reminded of it. Besides, she was loving their relationship the way it was and she didn't see a reason to change...yet. She didn't know what she would do if they got married, she was used to being single for so long. Hell, they just started saying that they were a couple after being together, but not together, for over a decade. It wasn't that they didn'tlove each other, they did. They loved each other very much. He was a very important part of her life and she cherished him and Xiang Hua, However, she wasn't cut out to be wifey.

Just the thought of falling into the demands of society and the expectations placed upon her once she put a ring on her finger were too much to handle. The voices of her ancestors rang in her ear. Their voices shaming her of what a good wife is supposed to do. Her voice being silenced in the home as they out of love steered her towards the destiny that was to be for her in traditional kimikurian society. She didn't want that, she couldn't be that wife. She felt like she would stop breathing, stop existing. What would be the point of it all? But at the same time, there was this strange stirring within her whenever Benjamin asked her the dreaded question. The way his face softened and love overflowed in his eyes. She knew that for him, she would give it all up. For him, she would risk it all. That much was true, the writing was on the wall.

"Fine, when you retire, I will marry you." She said smugly to end the conversation.

They enjoyed the rest of the vacation with shopping

and plenty of woohoo.

Benjamin led his team to win the silver medal and Ming left early so that he could enjoy the victory parties that were bound to happen for the players.

He didn't stay long and when he returned, they fell into an easy rhythm.

The conversation in the past, but not forgotten.

It had prompted some thinking on Benjamin's part

and he had a very important question for Ming.

He wanted to adopt Xiang Hua. He knew that he wasn't her father, no matter what the tabloids said, but he felt like a father figure to her,

besides if something happened to him they wouldn't give his fortune to his kind of girlfriend's daughter, especially after a DNA test. He wanted to make sure that Xiang Hua was taken care of...but didn't want to offend Ming either.

When he finally managed to get it out, Ming laughed. Of course he was like a father to Xiang Hua, so why wouldn't he feel that way. She agreed to the adoption, it made perfect sense. He smiled, relieved of the awkwardness.

"Do you ever think you would want a child? A biological child of your own?" she asked tilting her head as she observed him.

"I wouldn't mind having another child. I didn't get to be much of a father to my son before he died. I would like that. Do you ever think about having another child?"

Ming smiled, "I would like Xiang Hua to have a sibling. So yes, eventually I would like to have another child."

He reached for her hand nervously. "Would...would maybe you consider...consider maybe having a child...a child with me?"

Ming smiled and squeezed his hand. "That sounds nice."

They stared at each other with goofy grins on their faces, enjoying the moment.

"Oh," Ming said breaking the silence. "I meant to tell you something."


"We're pregnant."

Baby Endeavor/Wu is due Winter 2019

So it finally happened. They had an oppsie pregnancy. I'm surprised it took them so long since they've been "dating" since 2006, so 13 simyears. Benjamin's birth control is usually airtight but I guess the odds will eventually catch up with them. They actually got pregnant in the first picture in the hot tub, lol!


  1. This is really exciting, considering that Benjamin was born in my 'hood-- it's been a long time, it is so amazing to see him still going on with his life, and now going to have a child. I'm so happy for him, and Ming. I'm glad, too, that he realizes that he's not going to be at the top forever.

    1. I know! I remember when he came to AV! It's been so long. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Love's gonna get ya, and it looks like it got Benjamin and Ming finally. If they get married, I wonder if either one can remain monogamous or will they have "an understanding"?

    I don't remember Benjamin having a child that died.

    1. Benjamin had a child in his former hood (Simdale) that his sister adopted. I think that version of the hood was corrupted and the simmer moved onto a different version, so I wrote that the child died. If they got married, it would be interesting to see their arrangements in terms of woohoo, right now they woohoo others but are only emotionally connected with each other. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Whoa, that long?! It does not seem like 13 sim years at all. A baby though! That's really exciting. I had sort of forgotten Benjamin wasn't Xiang Hua's father, so no worries at all about what kind of a dad he'll be to this new little one. :)

    1. LOL! Benjamin and Ming have always been great with kids (before Ming had Xiang Hua), but they knew that they didn't want to settle down yet. I know Ming wanted children at some point, but not the whole "white picket fence" dream that usually came along with them. She would have been content to be a single parent. I think Benjamin would have liked to have a partner when he decided to have children, but otherwise he would have been content playing "Uncle Benjamin" the his friends' kids. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I too am excited about Ming and Benjamin's baby! It had to happen sooner or later, and it looks like it came at exactly the right time. They're both more ready for it than I ever expected them to be, I have to admit, it seems like they've both started to mature a little bit.

    1. Ming and Benjamin have always been mature, but haven't wanted to settle down and have been honest about that. I think they can't deny biology and clocks are ticking. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. I thought that tiny peak of a conversation bubble was the pregnancy announcement one!! So excited for these two! Benjamin and Ming are a good couple together, and he's very sweet towards Xiang Hua. Glad to see they are having one together and that he will be adopting Xiang Hua.

    1. You have very keen eyes :) I'm excited about a baby from these two as well, I can't wait to see the genetics. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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