Monday, February 15, 2016

Hallowed Halls, Spring 2019

Pierce University
Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are juniors. (Juliet Benson and Zhou Mi are juniors, Patrick Benson is a senior)


Gerald Frankson, second year Associate of Public Service student

Dear Laci,

Things are going well here still. I am still working as an intern at one of the local art museums. It is nice to be able to spend my lunch hours examining the art and various hidden collections here. Yes, I am still the muse to Dr. Robertsdale and Dr. Youngston. Yes, we still woohoo together. No, I still do not feel any chemistry or tingles as you call them. I have orgasms, yes. But I am beginning to view woohoo as something of a necessity for life. Sort of like how we need to breathe, we take no pleasure in breathing, but it is necessary. It's hard to describe in words what I feel...or rather what I don't feel.

Much like how we have to eat and breath, woohoo seems required of some sims for substance, but it does not provide any true joy for me. There is pleasure,yes, from the orgasms, but not joy. I suppose the pleasure feels like when you drink a nice cold lemonade on a hot day. Though my partners seem to vastly enjoy the act. I have determined that the way they discuss it and from the various artworks inspired by the act, that woohoo must feel a deep inner peace of steadfast joy. Much like when I am in the zone while painting. Like one is glowing and sparkling.  

I am still thinking about quitting school. I do not need a degree to paint, however, my full scholarship and extra simoleans is rather nice. Especially with the economy like it is. I guess you are right, I shouldn't quit yet. We will be seniors next simyear and then we will graduate. 

I have some new paintings that I am shipping back home. Could you please make sure that they arrive safely? I call them the Woohoo Series. I managed to convince my partners that we should woohoo on canvas with paint on our bodies. Oh, Laci, wait until you see them. They are magnificent pieces. Full of intensity and shadows and the energy of the strokes of paint! It makes me speechless, shivering with joy and excitement, tingling and my head full of fireworks.

Say hello to Zhou for me. I am glad that you are still dating and that he has not proposed yet. I thought that he would propose by now and force you to get married after graduation. Yes, I am fine with moving into the sorority house next year. I still can't believe that you joined a sorority. I know that they were chasing after you to pledge for so many simyears, but we both know that the only reason they wanted you so desperately is that you are a McMillian and that means simoleans. I am impressed that you insisted that they accept me into the sorority as well, I didn't even pledge. How much did your mama donate to their fund?

I miss you too, dear cousin
Veronika "Beans"


Gerald Frankson graduates from WilTech with his Associate in Public Service. He has been accepted to the AVPD Training program.

Patrick Benson graduated from Pierce University with a degree in Philosophy. He has accepted a position with the AVFD. 

From now on, I will only update the university during the Fall and have special Spring updates only for graduations.


  1. Wow, woohoo paintings! I think I read Lady Gaga did that recently, with her fiance. I didn't realise Veronika's style was so avant garde. :)

    1. LOL! That's where I got the idea. I knew that she was their muse for a while and when I read what Lady Gaga did, I had to add it to the post. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Oh wow, I'm surprised in the woohoo paintings too! Unlike Carla, I've never heard of such a thing, and I didn't peg Veronika to be so bold! Very interesting! I wonder how Laci feels receiving these paintings to hold and look after.

    1. I doubt Laci will be touching the paintings, lol! Veronika has gotten bolder in her art, but this was a stroke of impulse to create the paintings. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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