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Laugh at Life, 2019

Lovar, spring, 2019
Johan is 58, Udar is 15 (Zoe Schel is 36, Jack Schel is 18, Issac Schel is 15)

They had met while serving on a university committee together. He was there because he enjoyed the committee, and she was there because

"As one of the few females in the science department, they need you on practically every committee in order to have diversity. So I'm the token one."

He had enjoyed Zoe's blunt, truthful sarcasm and shyly slid her a note during one of the meetings


It was the start of a beautiful friendship that progressed rather quickly. He learned that she had two sons, Issac in high school and Jack, who was starting his first year of university. She sometimes wished that she had her children 5-10 simyears later, but

"that's what happens when you have unprotected woohoo as a teen"

They talked about Johan's past, his marriage to Jadhira and her death.

About his children and how he was looking for a wife for his son, Naraj, through the traditional route of an arranged marriage.

How his daughter, Myra, was confident that this particular woman they stumbled across in the marriage ads would be perfect for Naraj.

Zoe shared her past and how Jack's father was gone before he was even born, deciding that he didn't want to be burdened with a kid while in university. Zoe had finished her degree as a single mother and found love again.

This time there was a proper engagement when they discovered they were pregnant with Issac. It was their wedding day when he disappeared. A tragic accident they said about the crash. There was a write up in the paper about the Wedding Day Death and Zoe was again alone while pregnant.

It made sense to propose in the same casual mexican place that they had their first date.

It was a quick yes and they settled on a date.

There wasn't a lot of time before the wedding because Zoe didn't want Johan to

"die or disappear on me too." she had said mildly joking, but with an aching insecurity in her voice.

The wedding was small, just their children in attendance.

Johan wore a stiff coat and tails because Zoe never got her chance to plan and attend her wedding and she wanted this to be the last time. Johan wanted this to be his last marriage as well.

He had to laugh at life. He and Zoe had a simple plan, get married, get their youngest children graduated from high school and into society and then settle into a nice simple life.

They had moved into her small two-bedroom place because

"We won't need much space once the boys are gone"

The plan quickly changed.

"Figures, I am always knocked up by my serious boyfriends," Zoe had said laughing.

Johan was going to be a father again, right as he should be thinking about retirement.

Not only was he going to be a father again, but at their first ultrasound, the technician smiled and pointed

"Do you see the baby? Yes? Ok, here's the other one."

Twins. Two babies. That meant that Zoe's perfectly sized two bedroom home with clifftop views had to be traded for a larger townhome near the subway so they could commute to the university easily.

However, all of that didn't seem to matter when he looked into Zoe's eyes. They might be starting over in a sense, but he wouldn't want to start over with anyone else besides her.
Babies Schel is due Winter 2019


  1. I wish Johan and Zoe many happy years together.

    I hope twins won't be too much for Johan at his age.

    1. Johan has been through raising one set of twins, so he has some experience thankfully, but not the same amount of energy. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Congratulations Johan and Zoe! It's so lovely to see Johan finding love again - and twins, with nearly all their other children grown up, I also hope that won't be too much for them. I wish them and their growing family all the best. :)

    1. It was a big surprise to me that he found love so quickly after deciding to enter the dating pool again. Then when I heard baby chimes, and checked the scanner, I was floored. It wasn't at all what I was expecting. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. What a lovely update for Johan. Zoe seems to make him very happy, and how exciting for twins! It was a lovely wedding, and their new townhome looks like a great place to have a family with Zoe.

    1. I'm glad you like the townhouse, I'm already doubting it considering that it's so tall and with two babies and toddlers running around, probably wasn't the best choice. Not sure if I will move them later on. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Wow, talk about a whirlwind romance! I'm glad Johan has found someone else to make him happy.

    And twins! Something in the water in the blogging community right now, perhaps? I've got twins coming and there are at least a couple of other bloggers who do too. Can't wait to see the Schel babies. :)

    1. They dated longer than it seems, it's hard to fit two simyears of updates into one post :) I think there is something in the water! As long as it stays in the blogging community water and not spill over into RL, then I'm happy. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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