Monday, March 27, 2017

Hallowed Halls, Part 2, 2020

Pierce University
Jessica and Jennifer Kent are freshmen

University of Apple Valley
Esther Dawson-Grey is a sophomore. Matt Sweeny, Chase and Amyra Dawson are freshmen. 


Esther wished that she could be having the typical college experience, especially when she looked at her younger sister and brother enjoying thier freshman year. Instead she had to think about heavier issues, like what did marriage really mean?

She tried talking with Lee about it. It was always refreshing talking to Lee. It was with Lee that she shared her most intimate and painful thoughts. Things like how she didn't want to have Coraline, but Breckin convinced her that if she truly loved him, then she would have their baby. 

How she didn't even want to get married, but changed her mind when Breckin said that people get married when they are in love and if she loved him then they would get married.

She felt awful not wanting those things at first, but Lee was able to make her feel better. Lee was the one who told her how she felt when she had her abortion, how painful it was to make a decision that would hurt another. How sometimes when carving out a path in life, your path might take you in directions you didn't think you would go. 

Esther thought about those words whenever Breckin and Coraline would visit. 

She loved her daughter and now that she was here...well, she couldn't see not having her around. 

She did have feelings for Breckin, how could she not.

Sometimes it felt as though those feelings were not enough. Like when she talked about her goals and dreams for the future. About maybe becoming a lawyer. How Breckin would tense up and get angry. How he was hurt that she would consider going to more school when she she was barely around as it was. How law school would just drive them further apart. 

Why couldn't she be satisfied with her degree and then they could live as a happy family. Have another kid or three so Coraline could have siblings. 

Maybe she was being selfish, maybe she did need to think more about others and how her choices impacted her family. But what if she had to give up her dreams? Would that be fair?

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  1. Life is complicated as Esther is quickly learning. I have no idea what the right thing is for Esther. She can't just think of herself anymore. But she can't go through life resenting Breckin and where she is in life because persuaded her into marriage and motherhood.

    It's a good thing she has Lee to confide her deepest, darkest, and most painful thoughts to.


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