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Hallowed Halls, Part 1, 2020

Pierce University
Jessica and Jennifer Kent are freshmen

University of Apple Valley
Esther Dawson-Grey is a sophomore. Matt Sweeny, Chase and Amyra Dawson are freshmen. 


Jennifer and Jessica Kent have settled nicely into Pierce University and on track to make 4.0 thier first semester. 

Jessica is still dating Gerald, who has moved into a new apartment. Whenever possible she practices new dishes in the dorm kitchen. 

If she can't practice there, she will practice at Gerald's apartment and ask his roommates their opinions. 

Sometimes she wonders if she is wasting her time at university, but like her sister reminds her a free education is hard to come by. Since they both received full ride to Pierce University thanks to scholarships, Jessica didn't have a good reason to not go to university. She just feels that her time would be better spent if she were in a kitchen and not studying about flavor profiles she already knows about. 

One of the seniors in the dorms tries to remind Jessica and Jennifer that they should think about what they plan on doing once they graduate and how they can leverage their education for thoseurposes. Jessica hadn't given much thought to it. She thought she wanted to open her own resturaunt in the future, but maybe she wouldn't mind having a catering business. She has time to think about it, but she wishes she was doing less thinking and more doing. 

Jennifer was glad about the opportunity to study her passion without paying for it. If she had to pay for it, she would have to chose a more respectable major than creative writing. Not that creative writing wasn't respectable, but she's sure her guidance counselor would have all sorts of stats about salaries and student loan debts and return on investment.  Why was there such a need to push students to follow careers that paid the most salary. Jennifer knew she wouldn't make a lot in her career, especially at first. She had plans on converting her internship with Style into a full time position after she graduated. The editor was already impressed with her and allowed her larger writing opportunities. 

Jennifer had finally finished one of her screenplays. Her professor suggested that she look at getting a publisher, but she wasn't sure about that yet. It was her baby...besides she didn't know the first thing about getting screenplays published or making money off of them. Perhaps it was time for her to learn.

Chase supported her dreams. He said that once they got married she could stay home and work on her screenplays and he could work with the SCIA.

Chase was attending the University of Apple Valley, which meant that they couldn't see each other as often. Usually on the weekends, one would make the subway journey to see the other and spend the night.

Or several nights doing what most young couples do. 

Except after one particularly memorable experience 

that they won't be trying again anytime soon.

Chase was interested in more than just his girlfriend, but also his classes 

and even trying to build a relationship with his roommate, Matt Sweeny.

Matt was dating Lara still which made for some awkward weekends when both women were in the dorm. 

However, the two worked out a simple system to help out with such events. 

Amyra was doing well in her journalism classes. She often called Jennifer, who would probably be her sister-in-law by the way Chase went on and on about her, for additional help. Amyra and Jennifer were both passionate activists, but Jennifer channeled her passion into screenplays and article briefs and Amyra channeled her passion into radio and hopefully sometime in the future on television. 

One of the guys in the dorm happened to catch her eye, but she was keeping it casual for now. 

Not the sort of casual that she knew some students did, in terms of various sims in and out of thier bed. No, the most she did was kiss. In fact...he was her first kiss. But even she knew that your first kiss didn't mean that you had to marry the guy.

She didn't want to get into a situation like her big sister, Esther, and become so wrapped up in your first love that you end up marrying him and having his kid. Amyra had other things to do before babies came along. 


  1. So many cute couple pics from your students! Although all I was thinking when I saw that elevator pic was "ouch"! :D I'm glad Jennifer and Chase came out of it okay. And that Amyra isn't letting herself get ito the same situation Esther did - she's right, there's plenty of time for babies later!

    I can also understand Jessica wishing she was getting more hands on experience, I wonder if she will stay at university until graduation or if she will decide to leave and start actually working as a chef or caterer?

    1. I think the more rational side of Jessica will win and have her stay at university. She doesn't have a good excuse for leaving. Especially because her older sister, Veronika, was already more advanced in the arts yet still went to university because of a free ride. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. LOL, I forgot elevator woohoo was a thing! I'm not sure if any of my sims have ever tried it.

    It's fun to see the established couples working things out at college and to see the new couples starting up. Look forward to following them all some more!

    1. I'm excited about the couples as well and to see if they will stay together or not. You never know with college kids. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Oh man! I can't believe that they woohoo'd in the elevator and it crashed!! My sims are always woohoo'ing whenever an elevator is available, however, I've never had it crash during! That would be quite traumatizing!

    Free education is something that definitely shouldn't be thrown away. Hopefully Jessica gets those dishes perfected in the dorm kitchen and gets more interactive classes as she progresses.

    I'm glad that Amyra is being smart and protecting her own future and dreams.

    1. I don't have it crash that often, but it's been a while since it happened. My sims love the elevator too. I think Anthony and Susie conceived Robin in an elevator. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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