Monday, February 12, 2018

Bringing Home Baby, Hapar 2022

Hapar, spring, 2022

Lainey and Verde were settling into marriage again very nicely.

They continued the marriage therapy

especially in light of the new changes headed their way.

They were pregnant and thrilled,

yet considering their history, they were also very cautious. Their doctor said that this was a high risk pregnancy given their age, their history of past miscarriages and stillbirths and the fact that this was a multiple pregnancy.

So they decided not to tell their daughter just yet. Babies Herendez are due Winter 2022.

Claire and James Foster were ready to meet their second child,

a little girl named Madison.

Tracy and Rex Mendenhall-Royce were also welcoming a new baby,

a little boy named Curt.

Si'Enya and Trevor Yates were welcoming their second child,

and unlike Si'Enya's concerns, it was only one baby. A little girl named Rylee with red hair like her grandmother and eyes like her mother.

Annie and Erricson Grey were adjusting to having the twins home and Annie was thankful to finally enter her second trimester with their second pregnancy.


  1. Wow! More babies! Can Apple Valley hold all these sims?

  2. Sorry I haven't been commenting for a while... I'm back now :)

    I too am wondering how much space your hood has for all these kiddies. I really hope Verde and Lainey's nooboos arrive safely, and I can understand them not wanting to announce the pregnancy just yet.

  3. Multiples? So possibly more than twins? Oooh! Welcome to all the new babies!

  4. I was wondering the same as Carla, if it was triplets or more! That would be a HUGE adjustment for them. How do you decide how many babies they'll have, I assumed that you'd roll before birth, but you wouldn't know early on for Lainey as you do. How do you decide who is at risk as well, is it just through the Inteen, miscarriage flavor pak, or more? I'd love to discuss it more with you at N99 if you are interested. :) I'm working for more ways to involve my newly renovated hospital.


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