Monday, February 19, 2018

Snapshots, Spring 2022

Lovar, spring, 2022

Lovar was the simolonic month of love. But there was no love in the Carr household.

Urged by Bill, Emma had threaten Harris again for more money.

This time, Harris couldn't come up with more blackmail money.

Instead of letting Emma ruin his life, Harris decided to try and take control. Finally biting the bullet, Harris told his wife the truth.

He slept with his employee, Emma. The same Emma that she wasn't "a fan" of. Emma's youngest child was actually Harris' son.

It was an understatement that Jasmine was furious. Harris begged her not to leave and to give them another chance. He loved his family and his kids and her. Jasmine rolled her eyes and said "prove it, bitch!"

Harris did, by firing Emma.

This was not a part of the plan, Emma was fired without any additional money and Bill was upset.

Emma said he was being too greedy. He should have been content with the new house and the reinstated job with a raise.

In the midst of their fighting, the word came up. Divorce. It had never came up before.

Emma vowed that if Bill decided to divorce her then she would make his life hell. She would take all his money and he would never see his kids again.

"Don't try me," he warned. "I can play just as dirty as you."


  1. Whoa. I knew there was going to be fallout, but this could have just wrecked two families (although the Carr family was pretty dysfunctional in the first place, surprised they lasted that long!)

    After all this? Absolutely no sympathy for Bill, Emma or Harris. A lot of sympathy for the kids though. I remember really feeling for them with having to spend Christmas crashing at Susie and Anthony's place, and it looks like things will take another bad turn for them whatever the older generation does.

    1. Unfortunately, things only get worse from here. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Wow! What a mess! Serves Emma and Bill right to lose their gravy train. Feel bad for the kids though.

    I do have some sympathy for Harris. He did wrong and has been paying for it ever since and now he might have to pay with the loss of his marriage and children. I hope they are able to work it out for the greater good of their family.

    Is it natural aging or the stress of his adultery with blackmail that has Harris going gray?

    1. It's a bit of both, stress and natural aging that caused the gray hair. We will check in and see how the fallout impacts Harris and his family. He doesn't get off without any repercussions. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I'm kind of surprised divorce has never been mentioned between these two before. I don't know if they've ever been truly happy but I guess sometimes things have to really come to a head before one half will actually say the word. I have a lot of sympathy for the kids here and not much for any of the adults in this situation...apart from Jasmine, who is just as much an unwitting/unwilling participant as the kids are.

    1. They have high chemistry and great woohoo, so they pretty much agreed to hate each other...I guess like the enemies with benefits I keep hearing about from ts4. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Emma and Bill are such a mess! Yikes! I think they make one another rather miserable, and they definitely have the power to continue that if they got divorced too. I'm glad though that he finally came out to Jasmine, I mean, geez! As much as it sucks, you're blackmailed and it's going to come out eventually or ruin you in the process. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.


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