Monday, June 11, 2018

Gathered Round, 2022

Havar, fall, 2022
Jorge and Jolie are 55, Lee (Ashlee) is 24, Esther is 20, Chase and Amyra are 19

The Dawson family couldn't get together for Harvest Day. Finals are coming up and I need to study. The social services department is super busy this time of the year. So Jolie and Jorge decided to just have a nice dinner alone.

Jolie didn't critique the food, which was an improvement and the couple had a little bit of time to just relax and enjoy themselves.

Lee wasn't lying when she said the social services department was busy.

Between training volunteers on how to stock bags of food for hungry families,

and helping connect case workers and clients, Ashlee could barely catch a break.

She tried not to collapse in the bed when she arrived home after work, but it was hard not to do.

When Jolie started noticing that she was feeling sluggish in the evenings, she decided that she would lose some weight.

Thankfully, her nephew, Abel, was a fitness trainer and able to help her get her weight under control as well as establish some easy exercises that she could do on her own.

She was hopeful that next simyear things would not be as busy and she would be able to have her family around a big table for Harvest Day.

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  1. Nice update on the family. Glad they are all doing well.


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