Monday, June 4, 2018

Gnat to Yawn, 2022

Remar, summer, 2022
Anthony is 40, Susie is 36, Robin is 15, Starling is 13 and Palila is 12. Olivia Humphrey is 16, Vivienne Humphrey is 15 and Jasper Humphrey is 7.

The Wren family was still adjusting to the aftermath of Lyndon's death. Susie had offered Gretchen a place in their home, but the woman decided to stay in the small patio home that she shared with Lyndon. Besides, there's barely room for a gnat to yawn, she had said. 

Lyndon had left each one of his grandchildren §1500 that Anthony and Susie put into the bank for them to access once they turned 18 simyears. Lyndon had also left Susie and Anthony a bit of money as well. 

With those funds, they decided to take the family on a vacation to Three Lakes. It was a frivolous expense, but one they wouldn't have the opportunity to do anytime soon. Especially with Robin and Olivia nearing graduation. 

They had a great time and it allowed the family to allow their minds a bit of a break. Susie and Anthony were tired. 

In addition to the daily struggles of raising six children and adjusting to the loss of a beloved family member, they were being visited constantly by social workers and lawyers due to the Carr divorce. 

The children were honest about the fact that they often spent many nights with the Wren family or that when their parents forgot to stock the fridge, they would come over for meals. 

At times, Susie and Anthony (and their bank account) felt as though they were raising nine children due to all the activity. However, they wouldn't have done anything differently. 

Unfortunately, even though the vacation was relaxing, they came home to find their house flooded due to a blocked up pipe. Thankfully their insurance would allow for a full renovation, but this wasn't some video game were in three clicks they would have a fully restored home. It was going to take time. 


  1. Susie and Anthony are saints taking care of all those kids! I'm glad they were able to take a vacation.

    How much longer will Walter be in prison? Will he be able to take care of his kids even when he does get out?

    I hope the Carr kids get to live with their grandparents and not either of their scummy parents. It's looking good what with the testimony that they often sleep over and get fed by the Wrens cuz their folks neglect them.

  2. This family has definitely earned a getaway! They really deserve it. Susie and Anthony are truly awesome people for managing to take care of effectively nine kids, and it's good to know they were able to relax for a little bit.

    I hope the Carr kids were OK while they were away though, they deserve something good as well. I really want them to be able to live with Jesse and Fiona. They need that sort of stable, loving family environment which they've never really had at home.

  3. I couldn't help but smile at the meta-reference in the last paragraph, as dismayed as I am for Susie and Anthony. They really deserve a break - they're such generous people and they give and give, even when it's a true struggle for them to do so.

  4. The vacation was a nice surprise for this family; they've definitely earned some down time. Too bad that their house was damaged while away. One thing after another for this family.


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