Monday, May 28, 2018

Stories that Never Were: Elliot and Amanda's Pregnancy

With the restart of my game, I'm choosing not to recreate a few events for various reasons. However, since I have photographic evidence of such events, I decided that I would share them.

In this story that never was, Amanda and Elliot got pregnant quickly after their wedding. They had to get a massive loan in order to afford a house. Thankfully before they moved out of the apartment, they earned a genie lamp which helped to pay down Amanda's student debt and some of the mortgage.


  1. As annoyed as I'd be to lose story, it probably worked out for the best for Amanda and Elliot that you did! They have more time to get their finances in order before a baby comes along now.

  2. Agreed that it's probably for the best that Amanda and Elliot have more time to sort everything out. At least they'll get time to be newlyweds before becoming parents this time. I find setbacks often happen for a reason, maybe you'll geet some even better story opportunities out of your rebuild!


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