Monday, May 14, 2018

Bare, 2022

Amanda was wearing her mother's wedding dress. Rebecca almost cried to see her daughter in the same gown that she married Julio in all these years ago.

"She almost looks as beautiful as you did all those years ago," Julio whispered as they watched their daughter say her vows.

The event hall was a bit bare considering Elliot's tense relations with his family. Nevertheless, plenty of sims were supporting the new couple. Their friends and extended family. Elliot didn't feel alone, instead he considered Julio like a father figure due to the man's recent participation in his life.

The couple had wanted a big reception, well...Elliot wanted a big reception, Amanda wasn't a fan of all the people, but since they were all friends and family members, she was ok with the idea. If there would have been a bunch of strangers she would have boycotted her own wedding.

Posed photos


Julio actually peed his pants during the reception. Let's just pretend that this didn't happen :)


  1. What a nice wedding! Amanda and Elliot are such a good-looking couple and I can't wait to see what their future children will look like.

    I laughed so hard at the picture of poor Julio wetting his pants. Julio, you've got to pace yourself with the champagne toasts.

  2. Congratulations Elliot and Amanda! I loved the pics of the ceremony and the reception, can understand why Amanda wouldn't want lots of sims there but it's great that they had a lot of close friends and relatives to celebrate with.

    Yikes, poor Julio! I'm sure he will try to ignore it - but it's one of those things that might end up enshrined in family folklore, maybe they will laugh about it in years to come :)

  3. Haha, poor Julio! I definitely pretend that doesn't happen, it's usually my own fault when it does! I'm a demanding event coordinator. ;)

    Amanda and Elliot had a lovely wedding, all the photos were very nice. I'm glad that they were happy with the turnout and that Elliot is so close to Julio.

  4. LOL, poor Julio! At least that looked like the only real problem at the wedding. Other than that, it looked like a beautiful ceremony and reception for all involved. Amanda makes a gorgeous bride!


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