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Petition the Courts, 2022

Remar, summer, 2022

Jesse was worried and riddled with anxiety. He wasn't sleeping well and Fiona said that he would often toss and turn until the dawn. He was forgetting the smallest of details like did he turn the stove off, or did he lock the door. Finally Fiona sat him down and sternly said "we need to talk".

With Bill and Emma's divorce, Jesse was worried about his grandchildren. Their parents were well on their way to a nasty divorce that even their lawyers were becoming disgusted with their antics. The children were being treated as pawns in the dangerous game of vicious adults. They didn't care about the well being of the kids, they only wanted to strike the other where it hurt most. Bill was still the selfish and irresponsible kid that Jesse had tried so hard to direct in his teen years. Where had he gone wrong? Maybe he shouldn't have adopted him as a single parent. Maybe he needed a female presence during those formative years.

Fiona assured him that Bill's antics belonged to Bill alone. That they did the best that they could as parents. Perhaps it would be better if the grandchildren lived with them. If Jesse and Fiona had custody of them, then Jesse wouldn't have sleepless nights. Bill wouldn't be able to manipulate him by withholding their grandchildren unless they paid a certain bill, or brought something for the home.

The only downfall would be in order to petition the courts for custody of the grandchildren, they would need to prove that Bill and Emma are unfit parents. That part wouldn't be hard since Fiona was privy to all the underhanded tactics that Bill and Emma were attempting by trying to prove each other as unfit. They had each successfully built a case against the other.

The question was, were they willing to be the ones to accuse both parents of being unfit and effectively cut off the relationship with Bill. Fiona didn't see how Bill would even speak to them afterwards. Jesse knew that what was best for the kids at this point, all the children, even Levi, was that they were in a safe place where they could grow and thrive.

Well, let's get ready for battle and we won't lose.


  1. Holy guacamole! Things are going to get real ugly. I hope Jesse and Fiona get the grandkids. Those kids need a stable home and to be raised by decent people.

  2. Bill had a female presence when he was young. They lived with Suzanna and Jesse's mother prior to moving to Apple Valley. Bill was such a cute little kid. I don't know where he went wrong with his life. :,( Fiona is right though, Jesse can't blame himself. I'm glad Jesse and Fiona are getting involved though. It will be rough, but those kids most definitely need them.

  3. Go for it, Jesse and Fiona. Those children need you! I really hope it works out and you two are given custody of the grandkids... they do need a stable and loving home.

  4. I think the welfare of the kids should come first and foremost at the moment. They can repair their relationship with Bill later, if he can one day see that Jesse and Fiona acted out of concern for their grandchildren. Hopefully, that will happen.

  5. Ohhh nooo. This is about to get real awfully quick. Poor Jesse, he did the best he could, and Bill is responsible for his own actions. I do hope that Fiona and Jesse get the grandkids, but I am concerned about the kids and how they will feel in this battle, especially if they hope to have any relationship with their parents as they grow into adults themselves.


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