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Happy Birthday, Susie! part 2, 2016

Resar, fall, 2016
Anthony is 34, Susie is 30, Robin is 9, Starling is 7 and Palila is 6.

narrated by Susie

My birthday evening was great. The next day, Anthony spent most of the day cleaning the house

That evening Anthony sent me to the store to pick up purple garlic and orange beets. While I was gone, he made a cake, from scratch

The smell filled the house.

 While I was gone he and the girls also decorated the house for my birthday.

It was perfect. Each girl made me an handmade birthday card and they each spent some of their allowance to buy me a small gift. Robin brought me a small calculator because apparently my "math skills are atrocious". As soon as I began to wonder if she is truly my daughter, she surprises me with a small journal filled with poems that she wrote about me. They were beautiful, she has such a way with words.

Starling, my middle girl, got me a collection of pretty rocks that she found and painted.

My youngest, Palila, painted a pretty picture of...something that resembles a dog/horse/tree.

The best gift of all was that Anthony brought a pendent necklace with five tiny birds sitting on a branch. Each bird had a tiny birthstone of each girl, myself and Anthony. It was a perfect representation of the Wren family. We changed into our pajamas and ate dessert first for dinner. 

The cake was very nice, Anthony did a great job.

Afterwards, we had pizza and a movie marathon until the girls fell asleep all around me. 

I must admit, my life is far different from my dream life. I thought that I would be a star dancer by now, with a tiny puppy and maybe thinking about having my only child to spoil. Instead I have three little girls and a house in the suburbs. I still think it turned out nice.


  1. Happy Birthday Susie! Such a nice party her husband and kids planned for her.

    Her life isn't what she planned, but it certainly is a good one! She seems very happy with it.

    1. Tanja, Susie does seem pretty happy with the way her life has developed. I sometimes wonder if she would be happier with her original plan. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. This was really sweet. Anthony certainly is great at spoiling his ladies. I'm happy that Susie is still happy with the way her life turned out. Sometimes the other path isn't so bad even though it wasn't the original plan.

    1. Anthony is a pro at making sure Susie is happy, Choco. He wants to ensure that she never has doubts or temptation to look around. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. I can't believe Susie is only 30 - she's done so much in her life so far!

    I giggled at Robin's calculator gift (what a cheeky thing!) and Anthony's pendant with the birds is such a lovely sentiment. Susie's a lucky woman. I'm glad she had such a wonderful birthday.

    1. Robin is very different from Susie, Carla. It's funny. The entire family loves birds, so I try to squeeze them into the decor and environment as much as possible. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. Susie's life turned out way different then I expected, so I can see her being surprised. I love that last photo of them all on the sofa, and I'm glad Susie is happy with her life, as unplanned as it turned out to be. They have a lovely home too, and the gifts were such a nice element. I think Anthony is the perfect spouse for her, spoils her and pampers her, something she rather enjoys. She isn't a frumpy, let's stay in and order take out, kinda girl.

    1. I adore that photo too, Maisie. I want to retake it so the OMSPs are not visible :) I think everyone should have an Anthony, he's perfect. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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