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Happy Birthday, Susie!,part 1 2016

Resar, fall, 2016
Anthony is 34, Susie is 30, Robin is 9, Starling is 7 and Palila is 6.

narrated by Susie

Our children are growing older. Our youngest, Palila, is no longer a baby, which I am thankful for. Anthony just laughs and says that they don't stay babies forever, but it seemed like it. I had to put my career on hold through the multiple pregnancies and it's safe to say that I will probably never dance professionally again. I'm old...beyond old in dancer years. Instead I teach dance at the local studio to young girls with dreams of being a ballerina.

I try to connect with our children, but they're so...different. Robin...sometimes I wonder if she is truly my daughter. She is almost a teen and insists on picking out her own clothes, which consist of plaid skirts and sweaters and the doorkiest glasses ever. She's scary smart, according to her teachers and is constantly bringing home A+'s. She is saving her allowance for an electron microscope. Of the three girls, Anthony is the least worried about her, especially in regards to her powers. He said that she's so responsible that we won't have to worry about her. The worst thing she's done is grant a genie to her friend, Ava, and she talks about summoning a genie to grant her a wish of wealth so she can buy her electron microscope faster.

Anthony is a wonderful husband. He treated me to a shopping trip for my birthday. First we went to a salon.

There I was given a complete makeover. New hairstyle and makeup.

Then I was ushered to the spa, for a relaxing massage, facial, manicure and pedicure.

While I was enjoying my day, Anthony was buying my birthday presents from a list the girls had made for him.

He was also buying a special gift just from him. 

After the spa, a package was waiting for me with a new dress. As I dressed, Anthony was waiting at the bar.

We met for dinner at The Conserveratory, a rooftop fine dining establishment.

He looked amazing with his suit!

My husband is one sexy sim

and apparently he thinks the same of me.

It's nice to know that he is still attracted to me. Let's be honest, the cruel comments of others do not always fall on deaf ears. I know about the taunts of alien girl and stubby chinned freak. There must be something attractive about me, I had my fair share of lovers...ok, four. And yes, one of them was Faith's old boyfriend, Bill Carr, and the other is her current boyfriend, Walt, but it's not my fault that she met him afterwards and started a family with him.

After some dancing under the moonlight, we went inside for dinner and drinks.

It was nice to have a quiet dinner without the girls, even if we did talk about them. 

By we, I mean Anthony talked about them and how he wouldn't mind another child. I gave him the evil eye and that conversation died quickly. 

All of our girls were unplanned, but Palila was our biggest surprise since Anthony had surgery beforehand to make sure that we wouldn't get pregnant again. Obviously, it wasn't successful. Stupid 2%

The low part of dinner was when our salads fell on Anthony. I was laughing so hard that he asked if I had cast a spell on the waiter to spill them. I didn't...of course.

After dinner, he took me to a very nice suite and surprised me with some nice lingerie.

Needless to say, it didn't stay on very long.


  1. I'm really glad that Susie is happy, I can't believe she is only 30, and I don't usually say that, but she has really done a lot of living in her life, and she has a beautiful family. It's too bad she didn't get to complete her dancing dream, she really did have a lot of girls, all rather unexpectedly! I really love that it turned out that way for her though, just seems extra realistic and meant to be. The photo of all the girls sleeping on them is very sweet. Anthony totally did her right by her birthday, just like I'd expect him too, still totally sexy even after all these years.

    1. Their pregnancies continue to surprise me since I set ACR where they shouldn't get pregnant. Maybe magical sims like them are not affected by surgeries and birth control like the others, lol. Anthony is still yummy :) they both are very fit due to their jobs and they enjoy keeping in shape...not the same for the girls so far, thanks for reading and commenting,

  2. That's one nice birthday! The girls are all so cute, but I know Susie is happy they're independent enough to go to school. My Stephanie can commisserate with Susie on losing her dream of dancing, as can Esther in River's Bend. It seems they all agree though that they're satisfied with the way their lives turned out. I can hardly believe she's only 30 too.

    1. Susie's life is very different from her dreams of a tiny dog, one spoiled child and city living, the game made sure of that. I don't know if she's satisfied with how her life turned out, but more like resigned to the fact that she won't reach the top like she was in the past. Thanks for reading and commenting


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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