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Artificially Enhanced, part 1, 2017

Remar, summer, 2017
Si'Enya Warwick is 25; Trevor Yates is 35

narrated by Si'Enya

I get up far too early considering that I don't have to go into the lab today. Days like this were different in the townhouse, the space didn't seem so large. But now, with our new house, the echos bounce off the walls as I move around in the kitchen. I'm not sure why we even brought a house in the metro. We're both nature lovers and it was only a matter of time before the concrete and noise got to us. It's much quieter in the plains, and we have our big yard like we always wanted. We are still making the house into our home, but we are slowly finding our style. 

We don't have a lot of time to discuss the house. Trevor has been busy promoting his new TV show and working in StudioTown. He's so busy lately. Aerial Bionic is back in the studio and Trevor's second album has been certified platinum. He just signed on with two new movies and he's a current judge on the new hit show "Just Sing". Of course, the media can't get enough of him. He's always in the press and he's the current "it guy" I suppose. Of course...there are the rumors...I don't like the rumors. I trust Trevor, but it's hard to not compare yourself to the women in StudioTown. Trevor assures me that they're usually 75% artificially enhanced and that they can't compare to me, but I still feel insecure at times.

Days when I don't go into the lab, I still do research at home. My post doc is going well, I think. Everyone says I'm doing well, but I feel the pressure to get great research published and find a tenure track position at the university. In my field, being a Warwick doesn't matter.

I have a meeting with my dad and sister. I'm so excited!

I'm going to be an aunt again and this time to twins. I wouldn't mind having children one day, one maybe two, heck maybe even three. I would like to have them with Trevor, but I try not to think about those things, especially when we have to talk business.

Dad wanted to review our family assets and discuss the division of them. 

It was so morbid, I don't want to think about my parents dying. Thankfully, we just reviewed the current state of affairs. Our family owns quite a few properties and businesses. Most notably, CupaJava with several franchises around the hood. We have some, what my dad and S'Ahmisa call 'question marks' basically, they're new businesses that they're exploring to see which ones will become the next CupaJava. There's PieceOCake, a new bakery specializing in wedding cakes and a nice eating area for desserts only. A new flora shop with organically pressed perfumes and potions, and my favorite, Orgo, which I helped name after my organic chemistry class. It's an organic restaurant specializing in vegan dishes. 

Our family networth is very high, so much so that we don't have to worry about any expenses, but my dad and S'Ahmisa want to ensure that there is plenty around for future generations. They talk about the Herendez family as an example of a family with lots of money that didn't last through the multiple generations. 

Then they asked what I would invest in. I don't know. I'm not good with business. 

But they kept pressing me, so I said a museum. A museum of natural history and a nature center.

They just looked at me and then dad smiled.

"Let's do it."

So apparently we're going to build a museum of natural history that sits on a nature center.

I'm excited of course, I can't help but be especially since they are trusting me to create the vision and they will guide the business side of things. I think a musuem will be a great thing for the hood and there will be plenty of revenue from it...I guess. 

What I wish I could do is get married. My sister's pregnancy only served to ignite that desire within me which I thought I had buried. I guess I could mention it to Trevor, but I dare not. What if he doesn't feel the same way? How could he? Ugh, I hate that I even have this stupid desire sometimes.

Elphy fills the same, but she doesn't think Andrew is even thinking about marriage.

What is it with our guys? Why won't they just propose?


  1. Great title, Artificially Enhanced! The trees in the living room are so cool for her as a nature lover. There’s definitely a bit of melancholy in this, with Si’Enya wanting a baby but unsure how Trevor would react. The nature center with a museum of natural history sounds like it will be really cool. I can’t help but think of the terrific museum of natural history Kiri built for the MTS contest, because it made me want to build one too!

    1. I think it would be cool. Not sure if I will build it yet, so much going on, but it would be a nice place to go to instead of a hobby center. Thanks for reading and commenting, Shannon and glad you enjoyed the title :)

  2. Now, Si'Enya is a Warwick. If he won't come around, she should ask herself. Besides, he might just be nervous. He barely got out that he wanted to live with her. But I like that they're investing in the future education of the hood.

    1. Lol! Yes, she is, but she doesn't have the same confidence as the rest of the Warwick clan, she takes more after her mother. I don't think she would ever ask him, just the thought would send her running for the hills. Thanks for reading and commenting, Fini.

  3. I definitely think Si'Enya needs to work up a bit of courage and broach the topic of marriage with Trevor. He might think she's perfectly content the way they are but if she mentions it, he might also be willing to do this one thing that would make her really happy. She won't know until she asks!

    A natural history museum sounds awesome. I bet it will be amazing and a perfect investment for someone like Si'Enya!

    1. I hope the museum turns out awesome, I'm so behind in everything! Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. The museum sounds great, right up Si'Enya's alley too. As for Trevor she doesn't have to propose, but she could talk future with him. I'm sure he will propose one day, they are so cute together. I'm sure she'll get her babies/family at some point too.

    1. Talking about the future would be a good first step for them, no pressure just talking. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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