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Entitled, 2017

Remar, summer, 2017
mini update

They were finally taking thier family vacation together. The vacation home wasn't anything like they envisioned, the decor wasn't their style but they knew that they would be able to modify over time and over many more trips. The bones were good and that's what was important.

It would be one of the last summers with Lesia before she became a teen and they hoped that she would take after Laci.

Laci was doing pretty well after her first year of university. She managed a B- average and she seemed to be getting a lot of male attention as Suzanna always expected and Bradford always dreaded. Thankfully it seemed that she had a good head on her shoulders.

She promised that if she became serious about a guy that they would be the first to meet him. Lilly Ana of course wanted to know all about the campus and she tried to beg her sister for an invitation to spend the night.

At least they didn't have to worry about Lilly Ana, but Lora was a different story. She had a bad attitude and it was increasing each day. At first they thought it was due to their refusal to build an extra bedroom so she could have her own room, but her sour attitude extended long past that conversation. She was now rejecting her little sister, Lesia's pleadings to play or even a simple hug.

She was always antagonizing her older sister,

teasing her about her horrible piano skills and how no one wants to hear her play,

which only infuriated Lilly Ana to the point where they had to step in before the girls came to blows.

She just wouldn't listen to them, it seemed that the only sim she listened to was Laci.

They just hoped that she would mellow out a bit once school started.

Bradford was determined not to let Lilly Ana spoil their vacation,

she could pout and huff and puff all day if she wanted, but he was determined to show his family a good time.

They visited a local beach

where Lilly Ana did a bit of shopping

and rented a bicycle to ride around the island.

They took a dip in the ocean and were thankful for the lack of tourists.

Their tranquility was spoiled a few minutes later when Lesia cried out and they saw Lora stomping on her sandcastle.

"Enough is enough," Bradford growled and pulled Lora to the side. "Listen young lady. You're acting like a spoiled entitled brat. I would hate to think that these wonderful things we've been blessed with are causing you to act this way. Because if they are, I have no qualms about sending you back to New Eden to work with your uncle James for the summer instead of relaxing on the beach with the rest of the family."

Lora bowed her head and mumbled, "no sir, I'm sorry sir," before walking back towards Lesia.

They didn't have anymore outbursts from Lora during the trip, but Bradford knew that it was only a matter of time.

"I think our next vacation needs to be a volunteer vacation. The girls need to see that others have it much worse than they do."

Lora has one nice point, which I have no idea how that happened in this family since everyone else has either six or seven nice points. She also has the random trait of rebellious. I sense a lot of trouble from her in the future.

Their vacation home is ugly. I didn't take the time to decorate it and there are lots of hideous maxis objects everywhere. I need to take one of them back just for the purpose of decorating it. Of maybe I'll have them sell it and then I'll decorate it before letting them buy it back.

As you can see, my vacation hoods are a bit sparse at the moment still :) I've haven't gotten round to decorating them either.


  1. I was surprised to see Lora so mean, since the whole family seems to be so sweet. She sounds like a Tasmanian devil in training. Hopefully she'll settle down enough to get some friends or something.

    1. I hope she settles down as well, but I'm not too sure that she will. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Ah, Lora ended up with one nice point because the algorithm EA created to distribute personality points is screwy. It's why I reroll all my babies' personalities upon birth - my game seems to be hit particularly hard with the screwiness!

    But in any case, I like how you're writing in Lora's personality. It's obviously something that stands out in her family, who are all relatively much nicer than she is. I guess it could go both ways - she might start toeing the line but the rebellious trait suggests she's probably not as interested in fitting in with the others as she might be otherwise!

    1. Ahh, I remember you mentioning that with your system. In this case it works since she was randomly assigned the rebellious trait as well, so maybe she's the black sheep of the family and takes after her other relatives instead. I'm not sure how the rebellious trait will be for her, I doubt she will come home doing some heavy drugs or something due to her upbringing but she will definitely be different from her siblings. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I know you said you have a lot to do to get the house and the destination how you want it, but in this post, there is a lot of the feel of a summer vacation at a quiet beach. I love the picture of Bradford cooking out, the bike kiosk, and festive, colorful beach hut (community lot).

    My nice sims always seem to have mean kids too, I am thinking to maybe use Carla's rolling system for personalities because of that. Right now, I have the parents encourage niceness a lot when they are little, which I figure is what most parents would do.

    1. Whew, I'm glad it didn't seem too bare. There are literally only two lots done in my beach destination. Beach destinations are hard for me to rebuild since I can't copy and paste my old lots down due to the placement issues with beaches, so I have to rebuild each and every time, thanks for reading and commenting

  4. I really like that Lora got the rebellious trait and has one nice point, that really works out perfectly. It's nice when the game cooperates with our rolls and planning. I didn't think the vacation looked bad at all, I was actually thinking that it looked quite nice. I understand it being sparse, I haven't decorated mine yet at all, it's all Maxis. Lora is very entertaining, just a terror!

    1. Lora reminds me of those good at heart kids, but they feel like the odd ones out and are always getting into trouble, think Theo from The Cosby Show. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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