Monday, June 23, 2014

Battlefield, Part 2, 2017

Havar, fall, 2017
Brandon is 39, Ilila is 38, Jude and Brooklyn are 8; Audrey is 5

narrated by Ilila

We go through the motions of eating breakfast.

Brandon rakes the leaves, as usual

and doesn't get upset when the children play in the piles, as usual.

Brooklyn practices ballet at the barre, as usual

and the children have friends playing in the street, as usual.

It's Harvest Day and I'm making the meal, I try not to cry as I cut my finger, as usual, preparing the turkey.

I want this holiday to be special, it might be our last one together.

I make Brandon's favorites

and we eat together as a family.

I insist on a family photo and the kids all smile for the camera.

I try not to think about it as Brandon gets up in the morning

and caresses my face, as usual.

But as he dresses in his uniform

and walks past the television report of the war. I know that I cherish our "as usual's" since they may not be our "as usual's" for a while...or forever.


  1. Poor Ilila. :( I bet it is the little things like that that you really miss, when your spouse is away for so long. I hope everyone comes through this war okay. :(

    1. Definately those little things like raking leaves and helping with homework are the things you miss. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. This was heartbreaking, I really hope it's temporary and that he comes back home okay. The family photo is really nice, just hope it's not the last of them all. Their feast was great, and I really like the photo of the kids playing in the leaves and with the neighbor kids, those are some great moments.

    1. It is really hard to tell the outcome of wars especially the impact on families. I know that all the families involved would like that. Thanks for reading and commenting


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