Monday, March 14, 2016

Bringing Home Baby, Patar 2019

Patar, summer, 2019

There are a lot of birthdays this summer!

Jasmine and Harris's late in life baby, Oliver Frankson turns 1. His parents are not looking forward to the toddler years and the upcoming terrible twos. But at least this is the last time they will go through this, they swear!

Andrew and Elphy are so thankful that Madaline turns 1!

They have a family only birthday party

due to her premature status

and the danger of germs. When she is older and more stable, they hope to have a larger gathering so she can play with her cousins and extended family.

Coraline turns 1 right before her parents' senior year of secondary school. She's thoroughly spoiled by her grandparents and numerous aunts and uncles.

The Wilsonoff twins Saniyah 

and Aniyah turn 1. Their tired parents still struggle with having three very young children so close in age and go through a lot of coffee.

Victor Peterson turns 1 and is the apple of his father's eye. Brandon has been spending lots of time with his children, especially Victor, since he missed so many milestones while he was away at war.

The Mendenhall triplets Charlotte, 


and Warren Mendenhall turn 5.
They managed to convince their parents to throw a pool party for them. Now that they are older, Henry and Rosemarie are considering moving to a larger home, but they would need a buyer for their home first.

Sara, Alan and big brother Evan are celebrating

Elisa Phillips turning 5. She was able to have a small shopping spree at the toy store and a fully remodeled bedroom. Nothing but the best for their baby girl.

Abigal Carr celebrates her 12th birthday
with a bowling party and a few friends.

Vivenne Humphrey turns 12

and her cousin, Robin Wren also turns 12. The family makes them a small boxed cake and homemade cards, including one from Vivenne's father, Walt.

After a huge birthday gala, Sazo celebrates his 60th birthday

discussing retirement plans with his wife.

He promises that he will partially retire when he is 65 and fully retire when he is 70.

To appease her, he promises a lavish vacation this year, just the two of them. They also agree to start considering a home with only one level. Right now they are able to move about the three story townhome, but soon they know that weak knees and joints will hinder their progress.

Ming and Benjamin are excited about their pregnancy. They have decided to be surprised by the gender.

Johan and new wife, Zoe are nervous about becoming parents to twins so late in life.

Krissy and Alphonso welcome their newest,

and hopefully last, child, Pietro.

He arrives as they celebrate 10 years of being married.

Si'Enya and Trevor Yates welcome their firstborn in a very dramatic fashion. Hours and hours of labor, followed by quick pushing, heart decelerations, double wrapped cords, third degree tearing, multiple stitches and to their relief, a crying baby!

They name their son, Kane.


  1. yep loads of birthdays this round

    1. Yes, so many babies! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Whoa, so many new toddlers! It's going to be a busy kindergarten in a few years' time! Charlotte Mendenhall has such a lovely face - I can't wait to see her as she gets older.

    I love the birthday party invites - do they come from the same site as the wedding invitations? I haven't explored the site past those!

    I was expecting a girl for Si'Enya and Trevor but I'm happy Kane has arrived regardless!

    1. It's the sister site of the wedding invitation site, called Tiny Prints. They have lots of cool invite ideas. I didn't even think about kindergarten in the next few simyears, yikes! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Wow, Si'Enya might not be interested in another after all the hoopla that Kane put her through! Glad that he made it safely and is healthy.

    There are SO many toddlers, wow! Agree that the grade school will be full! Charlotte is a total doll too, as is James. Coraline looks like she has some strong opinions!

    1. You might be right. I decided that not every sim pregnancy would get an easy labor. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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