Monday, March 7, 2016

Roaming the Festival, 2019

Patar, summer, 2019
Bradford is 55, Suzanna is 54, Laci is 21, Lilly is 15, Lora is 14 and Lesia is 13

narrated by Lilly Ana

I have big plans this summer. I plan on sleeping in as late as possible. 

Even so, I'm still out of the bed before 10 in the morning. I usually practice singing or write a few lyrics before I really get started for the day.

Dad decided to start his own law firm. His old law firm disbanded and let everyone go due to the recession. 

Thankfully our family hasn't been affected as much since mom and dad saved a lot of money and we won the lottery a few years ago. 

Mom and dad celebrated their 15th anniversary this simyear. So they decided to leave us with Laci for the summer and they went on some extravagant trip. 

First they stopped at our new vacation home, which I wish we could have spent the summer there instead of in Apple Valley.

They said that they enjoyed the island and 

they sent lots of photos

 of them enjoying luaus and fire shows. 

Mom said that they met a couple from Apple Valley there as well. 

She said that they were newly engaged and decided to take a vacation together.

They're in Kimikura now, so we are getting some photos of their times there as well. 

So far all they've done is hang out at the resort.

Lesia had a slight issue this summer with a guy from school. She thought he was flirting with her all summer, but when she finally got enough courage to flirt back he said that he wasn't into "chubby" chicks. She handled him quite well from what I heard and he left with his ass on a platter and his tail between his legs.

Lora is still mean as usual. I tried to cook breakfast and the omelettes were a little crispy and she said that I cook as well as I sing. Ugh! I can't stand her sometimes.

 Except when she helps me with my hair. She was the one who convince me to get a makeover and I really like how she did my hair and makeup and even the clothes she picked out. I told her so of course. Mom says that Lora has a very blunt tongue is learning to control her emotions. Whatever, she's still mean.

When we went to The Pulse to hang out with our friends, I thought everyone was having a good time. 

Lesia seemed to have moved on from that guy with the major attitude. I saw her talking with Udar and Issac a lot. 

There were kids flirting and talking, even if our cousin Jeremy did get in a small fight Alia Shae.

I'm not sure what happened, but when we got home Lesia and Lora were barely speaking. I heard Laci demand that Lora apologize, but I don't know if Lesia accepted it.

We also went to the Apple Valley Festival. 

Laci's boyfriend, Zhou, came along with us. I like him, he's pretty nice and because he wants to be a teacher I can always count on him for homework help.

I think Lora was roaming the festival trying to find a boyfriend, for some reason finding a boyfriend is top on her to-do list this summer. 

Lesia decided to enter the cooking contest.

 She can cook, but it's nothing special. She didn't win, our cousin Jennifer won, which is odd since it's Jessica that is the cook in their family.

I spent some time singing some original songs to the crowd, but I didn't get too much attention. 

I think Lora and Lesia must be speaking again

 because they were hanging out during the festival. That's good news...I think.


  1. I love this update and all the great pictures. Very clever how you set up the Fire Dancer with the hula dancers on stage.

    Where did you get the walking-on-hot-coals object? Is it from Castaways like the limbo pole? They are just perfect for a Luau show.

    Shame on that boy for being rude to Lesia! She's so cute. I'm surprised any boy would reject her.

    1. The hot coals is from Castaways as well,it can be found here,10993.0.html
      Me too, but when Lesia asked if he liked what he saw, he shook his head with an X symbol over the fat sim picture. His loss. I can say that one of the two teens Lesia was talking to has enough sense to see what a wonderful person she is and she is now going steady. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. Your island destination is amazing! Wow! I'm jotting down ideas right now, lol!

    Poor Lesia. She's better off without that guy anyway!

    I'm curious what was going on between Lesia and Lora. It seems to have passed, which seems fitting for their age.

    1. Thanks, I used a lot of the lots I offered at N99 during the August Goodies. Lora is just mean to everyone it seems, I have no clue what happened, but it probably will happen again knowing Lora. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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