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Giggles and Nips, 2019

Resar, summer, 2019
Si'Enya is 27; Trevor is 37, Kane is 4 simlonic months

slightly NSFW

Parenthood was exhausting. At first Trevor and Si'Enya tried to do everything themselves, they wanted to be able to parent their newborn son their way without any outside influence. 

But they quickly realized that it truly took a village to raise a child. There was lots of crying, mostly Kane and Si'Enya, occasionally from a weary Trevor as well. Family and friends made vigils to thier home almost daily. Bringing food, nectar, disposable underwear, ointments and more nectar.

Si'Enya was still so sore from the tough delivery and her body wasn't healing as quickly as she wanted it to.

Relax, her sister and friends had said. You just had a baby. It will take time.

Her mother and sister insisted on staying with them for the first three weeks. They took turns staying a week at a time. Helping Si'Enya navigate the stairs, providing pillows for her to sit on and cooking, or ordering food. Trevor and Si'Enya both hated that they were there, but were extremely grateful as well. The paradox was unnerving, but it seemed like being a parent was wrought with paradoxes.

Elphy came over to help, even though she had a child of her own, or maybe because she had a child of her own. 

She helped Si'Enya struggle through latching issues when her nipples became so raw and sore that they bled. She taught her new positions to hold Kane, how to check for a correct deep latch and to not be afraid to unlatch him and try again. How to hook up the pump and find the best setting. How to feed him a bottle that would help support her breastfeeding. Now Si'Enya was comfortable enough to feed him while standing or walking through the house.

Her sister, S'Ahmisa, came over and told her about soothing baths mixed with healing oils and salts to soothe the stitches. She was the one who told her not to wipe, to pee in the shower so it wouldn't burn so much and to let the wound air out without constricting it with clothes. She was the one who told her that it didn't look right and that she should really see a doctor about it. She was the one who Si'Enya credited with catching the infection before it got worse, deadly worse.

It was Rashid and Sazo that sat Trevor down and told him the virtues of a nanny, the benefits of free time for each parent, and how important it was to simply rest. How to be comfortable holding his son, that he wouldn't break the child by putting his arm through the sleeve of a onesie, or that Kane's cries were ok and not always a cause for alarm.

Now they were getting the hang of it. They were not pros, but they were ok with their new normal and how it would change every three weeks. Their butler pitched in with Kane, not because he was paid to, but because he wanted to. They hired a nanny to help during the day with Kane so that they could return to work. 

For the moment they mostly worked from home, Trevor recording in his studio and 

Si'Enya analyzing reports and writing scientific papers.

They captured the beauty of the moment in a series of photos

and decided that it was time for a vacation.

They flew to their newly finished vacation cabin and Trevor had to admit that Andrew was a genius when it came to translating their vision.

They enjoyed the quiet time around the lake,

cooking fresh fish for dinner, 

not worrying about the long distance zoom lenses of paparazzi desperate for a photo of their child. They discussed which photo to release to the magazine and which charity to donate the proceeds to.

They played chess,

and enjoyed the giggles of their son.

They made plans for more children, but knew that they needed to wait. Doctor's orders. The birth was so traumatic and the recovery process had been hard on Si'Enya. 

But since they wanted a healthy mother and a healthy baby more than anything, 

they were content with waiting before adding another child to their family.


  1. Poor Si'Enya! Rough labor and delivery and now breast-feeding hitches and an infected incision! She really needs to take it easy. She's very fortunate for the help of her family, butler, and nanny.

    How nice that they were able to get away for a bit and relax. They certainly don't need the stress of papparazzi bugging them.

    1. The media is anxious to get a look at baby Kane, especially with their May/December romance. Trevor has always been private so most fans aren't expecting much and should be surprised when a photo of the baby is released. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. loved the photo of the baby breastfeeding.

    1. Thank you, I was experimenting with poses and noticed that they would work for breastfeeding and decided to throw them in. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Glad Si'Enya and Trevor have so much support around them! It seems very like the both of them to want to do it all themselves but I'm glad they opened up and accepted help.

    1. It was a humbling experience for them. It did not go the way that they thought it would go, but they needed the extra hands. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I'm so glad that they were willing to allow family and friends to lend support. Breastfeeding can be crazy overwhelming for the first baby, and help with latching is so important to a good nursing relationship. I hope that they don't have to wait too long for Kane to have a little brother or sister, and the breastfeeding shots were lovely. I was just thinking about the ability to breastfeed in TS4 the other day, and I like how you showed that option here.

    1. The breastfeeding photos were a fluke. I was taking artsy newborn pics and noticed that during the interaction it looked like she was feeding Kane. Considering the complicated birth, they will have to wait at least two years for her body to heal before trying again. It's much too dangerous to try any sooner than that. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. I'm glad they had people to support and help too. And I love the breastfeeding pictures and artsy baby pics, even if the bf one was a fluke. It's such an important time in life, you really captured that.

    1. It is such a brief but intimate part of early childhood, so it was a nice fluke. Thanks for reading and commenting


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