Monday, May 2, 2016

Closer, 2019

Resar, fall, 2019
Julio is 52, Rebecca is 49

narrated by Julio

Rebecca very rarely takes a day off, but then again, neither do I. 

We spend our evenings either enjoying ourselves at home, or visiting Abel and Myra and the girls.  Sometimes we wonder if it would be best if we moved in with them, to help with the girls and financially. But they are doing well at the moment, mostly paycheck to paycheck and funds are very tight, but nothing to be concerned the moment. I think it's good for Abel to have that pride that he and his wife can provide for their family without help from others. It does help. 

Besides, Amanda and her boyfriend, Elliot, called us. They will be moving to Apple Valley at the end of the year. Amanda has accepted a position as a physical therapist at a healing arts center in Apple Plains, and Elliot would be starting at the news station as a weekend reporter. They've been out of school for some time and working, so it was a pleasant surprise when she said that they would be moving closer to us. 

Rebecca is thrilled. She thinks Elliot is as cute as a button, which is weird hearing your wife discuss another man.

We hosted some new neighbors as well, Dr. Yuki Oshima works at the hospital with me, she is the new pediatric doctor. Her husband, Hiro, works in politics and is helping the Warwick campaign. They have a young son as well. They actually don't live very close to us, but they are new to Apple Valley and I felt that they would benefit from a neighborly dinner.

Dr. Oshima is one reason why I decided to take some time off, I felt that with the additional doctor, Dr. McMillian would be able to handle the demand of the hospital for a week. So Rebecca and I traveled to Kimikura, a favorite place of ours. While we were there, Rebecca signed up for a scavenger hunt contest at the resort called "Vacation Momentos".

There were a bunch of riddles and we had to decipher the riddles and participate in the activities, things like "Try a fishy eastern delicacy" was trying chirashi, and other cryptic hints. When we tried each one successfully, we would have a sticker added to our card.

We enjoyed the riddles

and the activities that went along with them.

It was actually beneficial because Rebecca and I deciphered and completed at least 10 of the "vacation mementos" which meant that we won the large prize of $7000.

The cash prize actually paid for our expenses for the trip and we had a little left over.

Not many families can say that they came back richer from vacation.

The best part was being able to rest and relax with my wife. 

The riddles and activities brought us even closer together.

ROS: Rebecca-Adventure Calls, Earn 10 vacation mementos, earn $7000"


  1. that was a cute way to get the mementos from vacation and tell us. I like that ros and win money too. that's just a win-win situation.

    1. It really was a win-win situation, I wish I could find a contest like that in real life. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. What a great ROS!

    Would you consider doing a post on your vacation hoods showing us maps and what lots are on them?

    1. That would be a good goal this summer :) I need to tidy up my vacation hoods, especially the beach ones. The only one that looks nice is my Kimikura because it's so easy to rebuild each time. My beach one is fairly empty due to having to rebuild beach lots. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Oh, that was very cool how you wrote in the vacation mementos! Clever! And it paid for the vacation - can't get better than that.

    Exciting to hear Amanda is coming home too!

    1. I'm excited to have Amanda and Elliot come to Apple Valley, it's been a while. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. What a fun way to write in and reward for vacation memories!! I usually fulfill some but I rarely write them and am still disappointed there aren't really rewards for it. Coming home with more money, and a closer marital relationship is really a stellar vacation! I'm glad that it worked out so well for them!

    1. I think there should be some sort of rewards. This was a ROS, but I might start doing something for when they get 1/2 of the memories or all of the memories. Thanks for reading and commenting


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