Monday, June 13, 2016

Bringing Home Baby, Givar 2019

Givar, winter, 2019

Ming was in pain, she knew it was labor, but she didn't like it.

Benjamin was grateful that this day had arrived.

Ming was overdue by a simweek and they tried every trick they knew to jumpstart labor-special cookies, accupressure, walking and walking, and of course, woohoo.

It was probably the woohoo that did it. They didn't have to wait long once they decided to go to the hospital.

There Ming safely delivered a son, Joachim.

Zoe and Johan were also ready to welcome their twins. Zoe had opted for a safer operation since one of the twins was in the breech position and refused to move.

They were happy to have a son, Arne,

and a daughter, Signe.

Bill and Emma Carr were awaiting the birth of their third child. Bill was impressed with Emma as she somehow managed to get her old job back with a raise and even a promotion to private investigator instead of lowly gumshoe. She had received a sign-on bonus of $13,000 and with that money they made a down payment on a larger townhouse in the metro. There was a proper yard and larger bedrooms for the children. Thankfully the commute to work was still the same as their new home was a block away from their old home.


  1. New nooboos! Now the fun begins.

    Is Ming maternal at all in her nature? I hope she enjoys motherhood and that she doesn't find it constraining. I think Benjamin will be a doting and proud dad.

    I hope Zoe and Johan have been taking their Geritol (vitamins) because they will need all the energy they can get with raising twins at their ages.

    Poor clueless Bill. It's nice in any case that there's enough extra money to move to a larger place.

    1. For now Bill is clueless, but who knows what will happen once the baby is born. Ming is very maternal, but she's not a fan of pregnancy or labor. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Awww! Baby update! Look at their little faces!

    I know Ming and Benjamin have been doing well raising Xiang Hua so far - but I will be interested to see how well they cope with having two kidlets around. Joachim is a little cutie - does his big sister think so too, or not?!

    Johan and Zoe's twins will keep them busy for sure, I really hope they can keep up with Arne and Signe. I wonder what it will be like for the twins, growing up having three little nieces who are older than they are? If their future classmates are anything like my former classmates, they'll probably find it hilarious and/or weird. But for now... look at their little baby faces! :)

    Bill... ignorance is bliss, isn't it? I have to say I'm worried for their kids if everything comes out, but at least it's got them a bigger house and some extra cash... I still think that there could be trouble ahead for their family though.

    1. It will be interesting for the twins once they're in school. My uncle and cousin are similar in that my cousin is older than his uncle. The Carr family can expect some fallout, but how widespread the effects is the issue. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. New babies - I love all three of their names and can't wait to see what they look like when they're older.

    As for Bill and Emma...well, the money will be helpful at least!

    1. I just finished playing a session where I aged up these cuties and a few more from this round. They have interesting features. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Nice that Emma was able to help get them into a nicer home... I'm curious what will happen when/if Bill finds out everything though it may be better if he never did!

    So sweet on all the babies being born! I'm excited to see them all interact and how Ming and Benjamin do with two kids to raise, and how the kids relationship shapes up.

    1. That is a sliver lining to the whole thing. A small price to pay, at least at first. I have a feeling that Emma isn't done blackmailing Harris. Thanks for reading and commenting


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