Monday, June 20, 2016

Snapshots, 2019

Givar, winter, 2019

Olivia stared into the brightly lit home. She didn't mean to be nosy, but she couldn't help but want what that family had. Enough money for Christmas decorations, laughing children and parents holding hands and smiling.

One day, she vowed. One day, she would have a family like that. A family not ruined with jail, or abandonment. A family that didn't feel like a burden to others. One day, she vowed, one day.

"Naraj seems like a worthy match, very intelligent and his family seems like a good family."

"Yes, but I worry how Veena will be when they meet. You know our daughter has the tendency to ramble on and on about her scientific endeavors."

"I'm still in the room, you know." Veena spoke up.

Her parents ignored her and continued to debate the merits of Naraj Shazad and his qualifications as a husband and father. Veena shook her head and continued to eat. She was nervous of course. But she trusted her parents, after all, this wasn't the first marriage prospect to come her way. Many suitors would come, interested in her for her parents' wealth and her role as only child. Thankfully, she and her parents were able to see through most of their lies and those they didn't, well, usually after meeting with them, Veena and her parents never heard from the suitors again. For some reason she wanted this particular suitor to past the ultimate test. He was the first suitor who actually asked her about her thesis topics for her masters and her dissertation topic. He was the first to contribute to the conversation and ask questions about her work in the lab. He seemed interested in her. Never did the topic of money arise except when he mentioned that he was in medical school and was confident that he would earn enough money as a doctor to take care of a wife and any children they had. Veena giggled at that part, but stopped when her mother pinched her. She knew that her parents had neglected to discuss their wealth in the marriage profile, opting to try something different. As a result the number of suitors declined, and those that remained were deemed unworthy...except for this Naraj. He intrigued her.

Andrew didn't know where it came from, only that it showed up on their doorstep one evening.

The lamp was dusty and dull, so Andrew rubbed it with his shirt sleeve to restore some of the shine.

He didn't expect for a genie to come out. When he asked what Andrew's deepest desires were, of course he said more money.

He was still paying medical bills and he knew that Elphy longed to move to the suburbs so she could have a little yard for Madeline and some chickens.

Her work days were long and he was thankful that she enjoyed her job just as much as he enjoyed his career. He would love to be able to afford a better nanny for Madeline as well.

He didn't expect for money to start raining from the sky.

They were so excited that they put their house up for sale the next day.

Elphy was sharing the story with her brother and how she longed to move to the suburbs. To a home very much like their home.

The only house they were able to find was much too large for their small family.

In fact, they had toured the same home a few weeks ago but didn't know what to do with their current home.

She was surprised when he offered to sell his home to her and Andrew, especially since he and Rosemarie knew about the larger home.

Like many things in SimNation, the move was fairly painless

and Elphy and Andrew quickly made structural changes to their new home

to make it feel more like their home and less like a hand-me-down from Elphy's big brother.

Henry and Rosemarie were grateful for the extra space in their new home and were confident that the triplets would thrive. They even briefly considered another child, but the screams and running feet of their three children quickly changed their minds.

Tyisha looked over the metro from her home office. It was a rare day in which Jackson was spending some time at the park with his nanny and 

she was able to spend her day off relaxing at home, catching up with the trends 

and working on some innovative personal designs.

Yuki Oshima played with Kazuo on the floor for a few more moments. She had been worried about the move to Apple Valley and if Hiro would regain any of those feelings for his ex-fiance. She was quickly reassured that Hiro had only eyes for her. 

He was a devoted husband who rarely worked late in the office, instead bringing his work home so that he could cook dinner for her and Kazuo. 

It made their discussions about having more children easier. Time would tell if they would add to their family.

Jack Daniels knew that the move to the the smaller apartment was for the best. 

It allowed him to manage the day to day tasks of maintaining a space and a young child easier. 


  1. Interesting seeing just a snapshot of where each of these sims is right now. Olivia reminds me of the little match girl. The scene from Tyisha's office is quite exciting, in the city, and it's nice that Andrew and Elphy got to move to a house with more space for their family. Triplets would be a lot of work!

    1. O, the little match girl, I remember that story. I guess she does in a way have that vibe. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Poor Olivia. I hope she gets the cozy family life she yearns for. When does Walt get out of prison? Do we know where Faith is? You have so many families that I forget who's who and what's what.

    I am very intrigued by Veena. I hope she and Naraj get married.

    1. Walt is sentenced for six simyears, so Olivia will be graduating by the time he gets out. Faith left the family, her location is unknown to her family at the moment. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Wow, I love that the genie windfall benefited Andrew and Elphy but also Henry and Rosemarie! The extra space is going to be welcome for sure.

    Our first glimpse at Veena! It sounds like she and Naraj might actually be a great match. Fingers crossed for them.

    1. I started not to write it in, but I think I wrote in a few genie lamps in the past and this one was perfect. They really needed the extra money and I didn't want to cheat them :) Thanks for reading and commenting


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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